paint that carat!

This is the Lucia, the pear cut diamond made of oil on canvas
by talented artist Angie Crabtree.


We love how this girl masters the art of diamond shaping
her paintings with such detail.


Angie has based her art on diamond facets, enlarging them by 1000. The Californian artist has been mezmerised by the gem since the age of 4,
when she first started drawing them.




Salvador dali’s bejeweled art

danelian diamond daliMae West’s smile

“My objective is to show the jeweler’s art in true perspective, where the design and craftsmanship are to be valued above the material worth of the gems, as in Renaissance times.”

danelian dali 2

Salvador Dali was a master at his art. This is why we are always very intrigued by how he embrassed his design of this jewelry collection, in his own unique way. He is an ispiration!

danelian dali 5Eye of Time watch

While he had a team that helped him create the jewels in the 1940’s, he personally picked the stones and shape. influencing the work of many designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli.

We love!

creaid is back!


This year’s project for CREAID is inspired by light and designed by Myrto Danelian!
CREAID is an NGO created by talented photographer and entrepreneur, Marina Vernikos, aiming to raise funds and awareness to important matters!



Monolith represents the uniqueness of each and every human being, in the same way as 
every precious diamond gem discovered on Earth.  
If our personal evolution is defined by our experiences, so each facet contributes to the diamond’s magic shine. 
To be auctioned in April 2016. All funds will be used to create a playground for the Athens General Children’s Hospital.

#DesignerLights #Creaid

banksy’s diamond girl

danelian banksy

The mysterious mister Banksy. Street artist turned global influencer, still remains undercover.
This year, he strikes back with huge urban project, Dismaland,
a non-entertainment park filled with his work and over other 50 worldwide artists.
Celebrities love his work, Christina Aguilera owns three works by Banksy and Angelina Jolie spent a $307,000 on Banksy pieces in 2006.His collaboration with Damien Hirst, ‘Keeping it Spotless’, sold for over $1.8 million at auction in 2008.


His documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop made more than $5,308,618 at the US box office. He once asked to be paid only £1 to install a graffiti. One of his works – ‘This looks a bit like an elephant’ – accidentally got a homeless man evicted from his squat. When Banksy found out, he gave the man enough money to live on for a year to make up for it. He created ‘Pest Control,’ a group of experts who can tell a Banksy fake from the genuine article.

 One of our favourite pieces is ‘A girl Holds a Diamond’ , made in Detroit.


street art carats



Paris has always been a top destination for avant garde street art. French artist “Le Diamantaire” works basically with discarded mirrors. You can find his “diamonds” in Paris, Zurich and Barcelona. They are very hard to miss, especially when the ray of light hits them. Sounds familiar…




“pop” the question!

"The Ring (Engagement)," by Roy Lichtenstein, 1962.The Ring (Engagement),1962, Roy Lichtenstein
2011052023455016220110520234641The Engagement Ring, 1961, Roy Lichtenstein

His full name is Roy Fox Lichtenstein
Born in Manhattan on the 27
th of October 1923, raised on the upper west side.
A leader of the new art movement of the 60’s next to Andy Warhol.
Influenced by advertising and comic book styles, he mastered pop art.

He has received numerous awards and several honorary Art Doctorate from the best universities.
The first american to exhibit at Tate Modern, London.
Three famous works are Whaam! (1963, Tate), Drowning Girl (1963, MoMA) and Woman with Flowered Hat (1963) that holds the record of highest Lichtenstein auction price.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio.


Seating on a diamond

Picture 22_13

Like every respectable architect and designer,
Polish-American Daniel Libeskind designed a chair. The chair.
Shaped like a diamond, it was originally made for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
It’s official name is the Spirit House Chair but everyone, especially us, calls it The Diamond Chair.


C J hendry knows how to diamond draw

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.40.16 PM


Australian artist CJ Hendry uses a simple ball pen on a piece of paper like all of us. Not really, as you can see.
Like a true fashionista, this girl used to work in a Chanel store before quitting to follow her dream: Drawing.
Today, her huge immaculate artworks, always inspired by the elegance and glamour of luxury goods, sell at $50,000 each, approximately.


Follow her on instagram @cj_hendry