Seating on a diamond

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Like every respectable architect and designer,
Polish-American Daniel Libeskind designed a chair. The chair.
Shaped like a diamond, it was originally made for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
It’s official name is the Spirit House Chair but everyone, especially us, calls it The Diamond Chair.


meticulously crafted

Ovals, emeralds, princess, pears & round brilliant cut diamonds meticulously handpicked
to bring into life these extraordinary pair of earrings, excellently crafted from our talented creators.


Oval cut is back

Elegant & Classic earrings with Oval cut🥚diamonds…the perfect accessory for a divine look✨


iconic circus earrings collections

Re-introducing the latest versions…

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initials by Danelian

Perfect gift idea.. Your initials made with a mix of diamonds and gold by the unique Danelian signature.