the birthstone of may

May is the most beautiful month and is also the month of the Emerald!
We pulled a casual Emerald story styling our flower earrings with
our new hoops.

Double sided and espacially crafted to shine as much as possible
in your everyday style. That is the birthstone of May!


Cherishing Christenings

We have handpicked for you our favourite diamond crosses from our wide Danelian collection

..Is ready for you to enjoy up close…

For all those lovely kids who are ready to start their lives..

..And all those marvelous christenings we get to experience in a whole new way.


so en vogue

If we pictured our lives after staying home it might look
like a mount of fresh berries and a cocktail with friends.
Gladly, we are just around the corner.
Happy to be featured in the Bella Hadid issue of Vogue Greece.
18k white gold riviera mixed with a princess cut bracelet. Also wearing
an Emerald cut engagement ring with a wedding eternity band.