geometrical summer

Inspired by the rays of light, sometimes style can be as simple as two lines.
The classic Danelian halos and a new playfull synthesis of geometrical shapes playing with triangles and the mediterranean mood is now available. Perfect beach attire.


gala fashion dreams

So happy to be featured in the latest issue of Gala magazine. Our Danelian sapphire
bracelet and ring matches perfectly with the Louis Vuitton outfit.
Briezzy summer outfits on the beach enjoying a splash of aegean blue adorned with classic gems.


sun sea gems

There is no other blue like the Greek blue.
Greek summer is a state of mind!
The Danelian evil eye ring is one of our classics, perfect for any occasion, ideal as a graduation gift.
The Radiant ring is made out of three radiant cut splendid diamonds on a golden band.
Simple yet dominant, nothing says power like this new ring.


rock and print

Summer prints, no prints, winter looks, anything goes
with our favourite duo, the Rock Deco collection.
Magically shaped Emerald cuts by our traditional atelier will dazzle above and beyond any rock t-shirt and jeans look. Come try them on.


my heart!

That one statement ring!
Our Danelian one of a kind heart shaped  ring is made of
round rubbies, white brilliant diamonds and a spectacular black heart diamond.


so en vogue

If we pictured our lives after staying home it might look
like a mount of fresh berries and a cocktail with friends.
Gladly, we are just around the corner.
Happy to be featured in the Bella Hadid issue of Vogue Greece.
18k white gold riviera mixed with a princess cut bracelet. Also wearing
an Emerald cut engagement ring with a wedding eternity band.