The Hollywood gem.

The most fantastic Hollywood women in the world have cat-walked diamonds through film sets, oscar nights and famous love affairs.


By the time Marilyn Monroe said “diamonds are a girls best friend” in the 1953 hit Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the diamond’s place as the most popular gem in history was fully secured. In To Catch A Thief, diamonds encircled Grace Kelly’s regal neck as she seduced Cary Grant. Icon Sophia Loren carried on the tradition of highlighting one’s fame and attitude with diamonds. In fact during an interview, when asked about the thousands of dollars of jewelry that was stolen from her hotel suite, she replied “Darling, you must not weep for something that cannot weep for you”.
Yet the biggest boost to women’s affinity for diamonds was neither European royalty nor italian film stars. The woman widely known as Hollywood’s jewelry queen, Elizabeth Taylor, has the distinction of owning several of the world’s famous diamonds. Diamonds from husbands Nicky Hilton, Mike Todd and Richard Burton easily rival the collections of European royalty. 


happy birthday adriana!


Adriana Sklenarikova

Born in Brezno, Slovakia.
Former Guinness record holder for the longest legs among female models.
Worked with Diamond Club Danelian for one of our many campaigns, like the image above.
Now married to Armenian businessman Aram Ohanian.
Favourite quote: “We don’t rebuild our life, we simply continue it”.

This beauty turns 43 today, we send her love!


Angelina jolie + brad pitt = lfe


The ring, given to Angelina by Brad some time ago, is a 7 carat Emerald-cut diamond with 9 carat baguettes. It costed $500,000 and took a year to design. Brad wanted ‘every aspect of it to be perfect’, said their jeweller, ‘this is a couple who continues to think about how to surprise each other in gifts of love that all have meaning. He plans well in advance, she plans well in advance’.