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The Marquise
One of the most vintage cuts, the marquise may also look like an eye, a navette, a boat.
It is of all the cuts the most traditional a symbol of royalty and opulence.
Our classic Danelian engagement ring comes with two extra triangle baguettes.

The Round
Made of 57 to 58 facets the round cut is the most popular choice.
It is for sure the sparkliest as most of the rough diamond is lost to make it.
This is why it is often more expensive than other shapes.

The Princess
This is a more modern cut, it was invented in the 60’s and was
the third most popular choice. Shaped a square upfront and a pyramid on the side, the Princess
has gained many fans over the last years as it makes a bold statement, diverse brilliance yet simple shape.

The Emerald

Young and design.  That is an Emerald cut. As it is not so much the details nore the worth but the
actual stability of the gem called diamond that matters most. Steady parallels, fewer facets.
The free spirit of all cuts.


ruby ruby rubies

It is all in the mix. Rubies dressed inside a flower shaped
statement ring are the absolute season blossom.
This new piece has two rubies on a one size fits all ring and it is
surrounded by a halo of round brilliant white diamonds.
next to it is our one-piece pear shaped riviera ring.



All in one hand please! ..I might say yes :)
Princess cut, baguette or pear shaped. And emerald cut if that’s more you.
..Once you find the woman or man, a Danelian eternity ring might do the rest for so many occasions along the way
like anniversaries and push gifts! ;)


GNTM & Danelian!

Greece Next Top Model was a huge success! What better way to end the show than with a jewelry photoshoot!

 Anna Maria looked absolutely stunning wearing jewelry from our unique emerald collection!

Katia is glowing wearing our Danelian Diamond earrings, riviere, bracelet and magnificent rings!

Keisi is wearing jewelry from our sapphire collection and two brilliant and modern rings!

Congratulations to the GNTM Finalists for a fantastic photo shoot!

Photographer: @skoulos
Creative Director @vinaneofotistou


Diamond Angel!

Our campaign girl … Ana Beatriz Barros!


Ana introducing the Echo Collection! A reimagination of our latest obsession, diamond curb chains! Diamond chain earrings and chain bracelets!

Ana looks stunning wearing our Danelian Diamond Club rings!

The diamond chain Echo Collection necklace with magificent diamond earrings.

Creative Director: @nycons
Film Director: @constantinomass
Make up: @yannissiskos
Hair: @christoskallaniotis
Manicure: @katerina_nikolinakou .



Thank you Gala for featuring the Danelian Diamond Club in your December issue!

These long diamond earrings are unique! Perfect for this festive season!

The amazing diamond earrings are statement pieces and so are these two magnificent rings! The circular diamond ring is extraordinary and the diamond ring with emerald is certainly unmatched.

Creative Direction: Zeta Papaioannou
Photographer: Aggelos Potamianos (D-Tales)
Still Life Photographer: Lefteris Siarapis