Introducing “Mrs. Carat”!

“Mrs. Carat” loves gems, traveling and art!

She is independent and dynamic but she never forgets her feminine side!

She never stops discovering, learning and admiring the world!

London was the first stop of her new adventure, of unveiling her precious jewelry collection to gem lovers.

“Mrs. Carat” was staying at the Franklin Hotel in Knightsbridge and welcomed our Danelian Diamond Club friends in the Presidential Suite for two fabulous days for the first private viewing of our Fine Diamond Jewelry in London.

Her guests could touch, wear and play with jewelry!

“Mrs Carat” is a new interactive project of Danelian Diamond Club!

We wonder what will “Mrs Carat’s” next stop be? Stay tuned!!

P.S.:Thank you London for the warmest welcome! First love always stays in minds!

Mrs. Carat – watch video


Eternal Luxury!

Our Danelian Rock Deco earrings and the red heart-shaped pendant, both with white brilliant diamonds, will steal your heart!
Designed by our own Myrto Danelian!

The diamond necklace and bracelet are the perfect combination and will make you feel amazing and beautiful. The pendant with the yellow diamonds from the Danelian Evil Eye Collection will make you feel special and protected!

Plainly beautiful and stunning!



We just love our new Danelian Luck New Year charms!
So colorful we styled them up with some of our fav Givenchy pieces.

The fashion house knows how to do stylish with a twist mixing colors
but still be a timeless classic!
Continue your collection of Danelian New Year charms designed by Myrto Danelian..


Dolce Danelian <3


Oh that dolce vita.
Sweet is the life that is lived with style, travelling and colors.
This is why we peak the Fall Winter Dolce Gabbana collection
to mix it with some Danelian classics.


The truth about a diamond jewel is that it shines even more next to bright colors.
Satin pink dress and a yellow hand bag turns this 18K white gold with emerald cut diamonds cross
into a stunner.

This is millenial rock style. And this is why we chose the Rock Deco earrings.
The black gold gives them an edgy finish.


our catch for the day!

Oh the blue, the sea, the sun.
Our new Fish pendant is on holidays at the Aegean sea.
This is a one piece we recentrly made inspired by the Greek sea, that has such life.

It is a 18K pendant, with rubbies and brilliant white diamonds.