Instagram Moments!

Vicky Kaya looked stunning wearing these modern diamond hoops on GNTM! We love Vicky and we love the hoops!

Despina Vandi styled brilliantly this wonderful evening dress with diamond rivière bracelets on each hand, a spectacular Danelian Diamond Club diamond ring and earrings.

Foureira glowed in her yellow dress and layers of diamond necklaces, all Danelian Diamond Club! Very stylish!

You ladies look amazing!


Gala Chic!

Thank you Gala for this wonderful photoshoot!

Stunning long diamond Danelian Diamond Club earrings and an eye-catching emerald ring with diamonds!

Curation: Christiana Paloumbi
Photographer: Kelly Filiou


Unique Jewels!

An exquisite photoshoot in the VOGUE November issue!

Long Danelian Diamond Club earrings. A must item this season!

Combine two different necklaces and create a unique style! The heart shaped necklace with brilliant white diamonds and a ruby in the centre with a chain necklace with diamonds. We love it.

Photographed by George Katsanakis @10AM and styled by George Karapetis.
Thank you Vogue Greece!



Thank you Gala for featuring the Danelian Diamond Club in your fashion editorial!

The Rock Deco heart necklace with brilliant white diamonds really stands out in this photoshoot.

The long diamond earrings are a trend this fall, the colourful bracelets match every look and the rings are excellent choices for day or night.

Curation: Christiana Paloumbi
Photographer: Kelly Filiou


Chiara X Danelian

Our very own Myrto Danelian was with super successful Italian blogger, designer and entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni.

We are very excited that Chiara wore this season’s hottest trend.

The Danelian Diamond Club ear cuff with brilliant white diamonds looks amazing on her!

Thank you Chiara ♥ !



Sapphire, the birthstone of those born in September represents a promise of honesty, loyalty, purity of the soul and trust. These magnificent Danelian Diamond Club earrings with sapphire stones and diamonds are our favorite.

In the ancient times rulers believed the sky was painted blue by the reflection of sapphire stones and a poet once described the sapphire as “the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown”. They are simply beautiful to look at!