vogue family

Vogue Greece celebrates 3 creative years & we were asked to send our wishes through a favorite photo!

“3 for us is not just a number!It symbolizes the longest connection in life that a human has,the one with their siblings.It is the connection of past & future,of acceptance & understanding and of selflessness & protection!

A bond that apart from sentimental became also professional for us,as we all wanted to continue our fathers vision.A natural evolvement & attraction since fine jewelry and diamonds are magnetic to every woman.

3 girls that became women to dream, evolve, create, disagree, agree and discover new challenges.

3 are also our wishes for @voguegreece : to continue to inspire ,surprise & awake!”

Barbara,Myrto & Irini Danelian


A Wedding magic

Looking forward to a bright ✨future together❣️
Wedding necklace with Danelian diamond drops.