princess life

20 years after her tragic loss, this controversial Princess
blows us away with her spirit and style!

The Saudi Sapphire suite, and what a pink dress that is!

The most impressive set of jewelry was given to her by the Saudi royal family for her wedding.
A sapphire and diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings plus a watch and a ring. Considered the perfect match for her engagement ring.

..So she took the sapphire of the ring and turned it into the centre piece of the choker which
she wore as her trademark headband. And then the diamond surrounded sapphires
of the watch were turned into these two earrings.
One of which was the gem that Prince William gave Kate Middleton.
headbands? True rockstar behaviour.


She’s a star!

Women and diamonds, diamonds and women!

Such a strong relationship.

Celebrity singer Tamta has never been afraid to experiment with her look.
She’s a fashion icon, she just pulls it off!

Seven unique Danelian diamond pieces all in one look an still looking fabulous.
In the final episode of the greek X-Factor, she became a Dynasty girl, wearing an Atelier Loukia dress which she combined with our diamond pieces.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 17.18.19


Click on the photo below to watch a video with an up-and close shot of the gems!



Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 17.18.30



Less is More

It is true that throughout the years we have come across to many artists and designers, who would embrace and glorify simplicity and minimalism. William Shakespeare had said that “sometimes, less is more”, while Leonardo Da Vinci believed that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. In the meantime Coco Chanel had been saying for years that “simplicity is the key note of all true elegance”.  And the truth is that sometimes, truly less is more. In diamonds, this theory can also be applied. 

A diamond choker for instance, although it may look so thin, simple and fragile, in the same time when worn with a white top or shirt, it can look so powerful. Don’t you agree?


18K white gold diamond chokers with brilliant diamonds