my personalized D diamond

This trend is here to stay!
More and more, our clientele is very fond of custom made personalised diamond pieces.
And we love it! It honors our passion for unique pieces and taking care of every one of you specially.

Drop by for a fitting, choose your shape, give us your name <3
We’ll turn it into a art ;)


such a woman’s day

We thought we would share with you a sweet moment
back in 2006 when we made it to the cover of Vogue with our Danelian Scrolled Ribbons Collection diamond cross.
Share your woman power, share your timelessness.
Happy Woman’s Day!


The look of love!

We see hearts everywhere…

Danelian_heart shaped earrings with brilliant white diamonds

Choose your personal favourite piece of jewelry and show your love!!

Danelian_heart shaped pendant with brilliant white diamonds

Danelian_“Love” bracelet with brilliant white diamonds

Pick from the most beautiful and unique pieces to celebrate love!!!