the hilton effect

Queen of parties and outfits, Paris Hilton is engaged!
To her boyfriend, venture captitalist, Carter Reum.
The couple announced it while celebrating the IT girl’s birthday on a private island.

The stunning Emerald cut gem is a true magical piece of jewel designed especially for
the couple to be.

“Our relationship is one of equals. We make each other better people. He was absolutely worth the wait!”


eternity dreams

This stunning handcrafted collection of diamond eternity rings is
given as a symbol of lasting affection. Usually set with an unbroken circle of gems.
Danelian gems.


oval seduction

It’s a set thing. Shiny Danelian diamond oval earrings paired with the modern flair of an earcuff piece.



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Every lady needs her classic gems collection.
Nothing says Danelian more than a diamond cross, earcuffs and a princess cut ring.