light on my neck!

The rubies and geometric shapes of this fav new Danelian necklace
are an exquisite combination of boho meets architecture style.
Ideal all year round are this piece will give you the touch of fire you need in your outfit.

This delicate new design is an orange gem stone masterfully placed inside a diamond halo and
sealed with a heart shaped Danelian diamond. A young touch of finesse.
And below is a D classic.. one of our unique distinguished diamond crosses adorned in a
casual black gem neckline.


the dazzle chef

It not what you wear, but how you wear it.

We had fun food-styling some of our iconic pieces .


the echoes

Pink is my favourite color. As long as their are diamonds in the menu.
Enjoy the Echo collection in several versions of gold with round brilliant diamonds.



Every treasure tells a story…& every story should be treasuredđź’™.
New!Echoes necklace,with a unique heart shaped sapphire.


rock this up

Yes it’s now a classic! The Rock Deco is our most recognisable collection.
We just cant get enough of how modern this set is.
Enjoy the whole family in yellow, white and black gold!


circus rings

Celebrate color with our new Circus rings collection!
Sapphires, rubies and what else? Diamonds.
Book your appointment and come meet them up close.