Diamonds are in Fashion !

Looks like diamonds are the thing.
Dolce & Gabbana FW18 Secrets Diamonds show seems to think so!

Warm up your gems and princess attitude, the season of carats is here!


Next top model!

We love this new season of Greece Next Top Model.
The TV show will be announcing the next Greek
beauty to do great things in the fashion industry!
Designer Angelos Bratis and our amazing friend Vicky Kaya are our top picks in the judging commitee.

Vicky wore our Danelian earrings for the second week of the show with a total black suit, super classic with a twist of edge.
Just about to impress everyone magically.

Pics snapped from Vicky Kaya personal instagram account. 


vodianova darling

Super Natalia Vodianova in her Celia Kritharioti dress wearing Danelian
diamond golden hoops on the fashion show she walked for the designer.
These are the pictures we find when we open our archive!

This is our lovely one of a kind mummy with the designer, Celia.
Danelian Diamond Club was the grand sponsor of the evening <3

And this is one shiny girl!
Super model Natalia Vodianova in a Celia Kritharioti fashion show wearing diamonds by Danelian Diamond Club


that new hoop


It’s a new hoop design. It has double diamond loops and a series of back adorned
diamonds to always sparkle, no matter the dancing moves!

They look great when styled with some of our unique gems like the flower ring and the pear shaped
engagement Danelian classic.



art inspiration

When it comes to diamonds, the symbolic meaning
is just as powerful as the stone itself.
The shapes, textures and
materials all play a role in creating a

powerful message that speaks to the world.
Art has the same effect. This very interesting research
we founduses famous art pieces to show
the resemblance between the two.

Gustav Klimt became widely popular for his “Golden Phase” during 1907- 1908
when he painted the Portrait of a wealthy socialite, Adele Block-Bauer I
(also known as the Lady in Gold) . The symbolist painter took three years before
completing the iconic painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer, where she’s wearing a
breathtakingly beautiful diamond choker. Gustav used oil, silver and gold
to complete the portrait of Adele. These materials were used to represent the
financial success of his subjects at the time. The same with diamonds. And here is the original: