Diamond Girls!

The second generation of the Danelian Diamond Club, the three Danelian sisters, were photographed for the Greek magazine ‘Gala’ and gave a wonderful heartfelt interview.

They proudly say that their father, Christos Danelian, established the Danelian Diamond Club in 1973 and quickly made it one of the market leaders. Barbara, Irene and Myrto are very different personalities but share the love and enthusiasm for the family business each focusing on her expertise. They all had to work hard to prove to their father that they have the necessary interest and skill to take over the business he had built and continue that heritage.

The girls explain that when they were little they used to observe for hours the craftsmen making the fantastic jewelry and they were always amazed by their technique and the level of detail and attention required. It is very important to them that jewelry has a three dimensional value – aesthetic, investment and emotional value.

They recently travelled to London and introduced to their international clientele “Mrs. Carat”, a fictitious persona with a deep love for diamonds and jewelry. It was a very successful interactive presentation of the Danelian Diamond Club jewelry collection and they plan to keep travelling with “Mrs. Carat” to various destinations. Stay tuned!

Thank you “Gala” for such a wonderful interview!

Princess Tatiana is also on the cover of “Gala” magazine wearing our Danelian Diamond Club pear shaped diamond earrings! As always, Princess Tatiana looks amazing!


Striking Designs!

Easter is around the corner and so are christenings! We give you our Danelian Diamond Club unique suggestions for you or your loved ones!

Different designs, different styles, different shapes … all beautiful and elegant!

Choose the one that suits your distinct style and elevate your look!


Street Art ♥ Diamonds

Right in the centre of the Diamond District in Antwerp, Belgium Suarez Murals created the very first street art wall. The artist painted a woman’s hand holding a diamond while breaking through the wall. A very powerful image.

The slogan “no pressure, no diamonds” was chosen for a reason … the artist believes diamonds are under extreme pressure and pressure is needed to achieve something so beautiful and precious. The mural looks very impressive!


Timeless Elegance!

We always love an opportunity to dress up and look amazing! Whether it is for a wedding, a philanthropic gala or any other event with a formal dress code!

Here, our friend is wearing a stunning Danelian Diamond Club ring – a marquise cut diamond with heart shaped diamond side stones.

The other gorgeous lady is wearing a captivating emerald cut ring with baguette side stones.

Both Danelian Diamond Club rings are undoubtedly elegant and timeless!


Gorgeous girls!

Naomi Campbell, the world famous model, loves YEPREM and always makes a statement wearing the amazing jewelry.

Rosie Huntington is a model, an actress, a designer and a businesswoman.

She is also in love with YEPREM jewelry.

Gorgeous jewelry for truly gorgeous girls!
The YEPREM collection can be found exclusively at Danelian Diamond Club.


In Full Bloom!

April is here! The sun is out, the days are longer, the flowers blossom. We love everything about spring!

Bracelet with sapphires and brilliant white diamonds and bracelet with rubies and white brilliant diamonds in the shape of flowers.

These two bracelets will remind you of spring all day long!