eternity is the word

Ladies… but mostly gents.
Meet the Danelian Eternity Rings family
suited for lifetime anniversaries!
Our type of timeless gifts. One cannot miss to have such a piece in a jewelry box.

Meet the dream team of Danelian Eternity rings up close.
Shapes vary from oval, round brilliant, princess and Emerald cut.



Effortless radiance ✨always comes from inside.
Meet our neo-baroque design Danelian earrings.
Chic with a twist of nostalgia. So now ;)


brushed gold

Rock Deco collection is all about sculptural statement pieces,
dedicated to the boldest version of yourself.Visit us to discover them…

Black brushed gold with Emerald bracelet


Blue like sapphire

Floating sapphire heart 💘for a romantic soul.
This heart shaped magic is part of a light and elegant diamond chain.
Perfect to turn a stunning sapphire into an everyday piece!


Rock it

These tassel earrings are an absolute hit.
In between an art deco and romantic mood they cling just enough for you to sparkle all day.