trilliant engagement sparkle

Side by side!
Our Emerald cut engagement ring with trilliants side stones sparkles from all angles!Side-stone settings grab the eye and lead it to the center stone.Combining different diamond shapes makes an engagement ring even more attractive & unique!Let us design you the ring of your dreams!


we give you pears

Thank you Vogue Greece for such a great shot of our
pear shaped handcrafted neck piece.
Danelian x Vogue


stack of style #2

Stack of Style✨
Out of ordinary,diamond riviera bracelets,embellished with baguette,princess & round brilliant cut diamonds.


the baguette huggies

Our striking 🎳baguette huggies come into different variations of diamond cuts & colours!Black diamond kites,white emerald cut and blue sapphire trilliants are some of the new stunning combinations!