Danelian classics through the eyes of Vogue.

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tear shaped

Princess cut earrings, diamond tears and many more shapes…
shining side by side in a perfect outfit!Which 💎design is your favorite?


bracelet party

It’s officially a Danelian bracelet party.
Wrap your wrist with our diamond elastic bracelet for the ultimate seductive sensation🖤🤍
Black & white diamonds in different sizes and shapes creating a unique piece exclusively for you❣️
Or go triple mania with the below three Danelian diamond braids.

Our new tear shaped duo bracelet sporting diamonds and emeralds is a more romantic choice.


a classic danelian

Emerald, Oval & Round Brilliant cut rivieras are the perfect investment designed to be treasured forever.
Featuring the finest gemstones & unparalleled craftsmanship of our diamond riviera necklaces.



Rock Deco choker

Adorn yourself with our new Rock Deco choker, an essence of sophistication and modern aesthetics.


custom hearts are yours

Our D_Hearts pendants are here to stay✨Wear one,two,three or as many as you want together 🤍Make you D_Heart pendant custom made so each heart represents your loved ones!