The power of black

Get ready to be enchanted by our floating black diamonds Rock Deco earringsšŸ–¤
ā€¦express your power & embrace your inner femininity.



Dive into our treasured world šŸ’¦
Our rosary designs have a cool everyday twist.
They come in black and yellow beads paired with round brilliant diamonds.

Sapphires and Emeralds also make it into our everyday rosary designs.
One of our latest favs is the yellow – green and red fancy combo!


New design!

Meet our new golden SensationāœØ
These new gems belong to the Rock Deco collection and reminds us of a
warrior shield. Adorned with a tear shaped Danelian diamond, this one is a combination
of modern vintage.



Our darling Chiara Ferragni has been spotted
once again with a Danelian mix and match!

An inspirational hardworker and entrepreneur our friendĀ ChiarraĀ has built a fashion empire and a 27M fan base through her style choices.

We couldnt be happier everytime she styles her Danelian favouritesĀ like this golden heart shaped set of earrings and pendant from
theĀ Rock Deco collection

Chiarra is an original diamond ambassador as she can pretty much include them in every outfit :Ā Our more modern designs like the earcuffs and chunky golden diamond chains mixed with some of her coolest streetstyle looksĀ but also our classic engagement rings worn with a bikini on the beach.