giftguide #4

Meet the new Danelian set of cuteness.
A family of ring set in different shapes for everyday wear.
The mini-Baguette, the mini-Tear and the mini-Flower.
Shall we giftwrap all three?


Oval cut is back

Elegant & Classic earrings with Oval cut🥚diamonds…the perfect accessory for a divine look✨


iconic circus earrings collections

Re-introducing the latest versions…

…of the Circus Danelian earrings Collection..


initials by Danelian

Perfect gift idea.. Your initials made with a mix of diamonds and gold by the unique Danelian signature.


Custom pieces

We pride ourselves for having created some
amazing on off pieces just for our special clients and there unique moments. Book your appointment!


it’s in nature

Nature’s 🌿 most magical wonder…Diamonds💎!
This is a classic Danelian mix of eternity rings and tennis bracelets made with outstanding
craftsmanship and love.