1. emerald seduction

Emerald Seduction.
Did you know that since antiquity, emerald has been a symbol of spiritual awareness,
protection, love, and wisdom? We specialize in diamonds but when we come across
seductive and rare gemstones we can’t resist. This elegant,eternal and radiant,
one of a kind pair of earrings,combines contemporary aesthetics and timeless value.


Enter passion

Last drops of summer and here is a Danelian mix proving diamonds are for any cirsumstance. Wear it with passion.


Venice film festival

Welcome to the 80th Venice International Film Festival.
We are in Venice, with our beloved star friend Vicky Kaya wearing Danelian neck pieces and rings.


Hoop situation

Radiate inside out✨ These Danelian hoops are made with round brilliant and emerald cut diamonds. Wear them everyday.