the birthstone of may

May is the most beautiful month and is also the month of the Emerald!
We pulled a casual Emerald story styling our flower earrings with
our new hoops.

Double sided and espacially crafted to shine as much as possible
in your everyday style. That is the birthstone of May!


iconic inspiration!

We have been following Kurt Pio inspirational diamond art work for quite some time.
We were so excited when we heard about his new exhibition inspired by the most iconic
diamond and emerald necklace of Elizabeth Taylor!
Kurt replicated  the piece though his unique pop cut out technique to honor the famous diamond lover.


we are open!

Our Normal
Each appointment is privately showcased in one of our
three private rooms in our 350sq,m showroom.

So our new normal..
Is a special disinfectant mat at our entrance.
Masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are available for all our guests and is mandatory for our
sales team.
Every gem and piece of jewelry is immediately and properly disinfected after contact.