Marlène Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, Marylin Monroe, Princess Grace Kelly, Eva Gardner, Betty Davis all turned into diamonds by artist Vik Muniz.


Vik Muniz is a Brazilian avant garde spirit, artist, photographer, sculptor based in New York.
One of his famous works is the Diamond Divas series.
He used more then 3,000 loose diamonds, an estimate of 550 carats.
‘I love the way the diamonds play with the light’ was his first insight. A thing we know too well.
Buyers were interested while the pieces were still in the making,
‘because they are fascinated by diamonds.’


Vik Muniz’s ‘Monica Vitti’, 2004 (pictured above), will be auctioned at Sotheby’s on the 7th of March 2014 in New York. Lot 221, estimated price 60,000USD – 80,000USD.




the oscars!

This year, five of our favourite most gorgeous women in Hollywood
are nominated for the Oscar for Best Actressin a Leading role.
We style them up with what we think is their type of gem!

    Felicity oscar danelian
Felicity Jones
Rosamund Pike and Marion Cotillard
danelian moore oscar
Julianne Moore (Winner!)

let’s creaid!


“CREAID” is all about the uniqueness of 200 tote bags!
Talented photographer, globe trotter and beautiful mother of two, Marina Vernikos started a special collaboration with the worldwide organization Doctors of the World. Together they formed the non-profitable “CREAID” in order to raise money for those in need.
200 artists and designers were chosen to collaborate. Each designer has been given a tote bag to design in it’s own special handmade way. Very proud to be part of this! Tote bag from Myrto Danelian, Danelian Diamond Club coming soon… Stay tuned!


‘he gave me this heart and i said yes’


Influential and outrageously alternative single girl of POP, Lady Gaga, isn’t single anymore.
Her boyfriend Taylor Kinney, proposed to her on Valentine’s Day
with this heart shaped heaven after a four year relationship.
Lady Gaga’s center stone is a heart-shaped diamond, approximately 6 carats,
the setting looks to be a simple solitaire with pavé diamonds down the side.
The girl once named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta sent a message to the media saying “I can’t stop smiling!”


“T” for Taylor, ♥ for Love and “S” for Stefani


flawless magic

danelian sothebys

Colorless and utterly flawless, this “Pool of icy water”, as characterised by head of jewellery department, Gary Schuler, at Sotheby’s New York, is expected to sell in between 19 to 25$ million dollars.
The largest emerald-cut diamond ever to be auctioned at Sotheby’s on April 21,
weights 100 carats and is a type IIa diamond!
What a beauty!




So proud of our brides and the fact that they take pride in uploading their special day
with our ornaments accessorising their wedding gowns… Much love to you!
Wedding dress_ Oscar De La Renta
Earrings and ring_ All Danelian Diamond Club


my plus one



“If each day, each hour,
you feel that you are destined for me
with implacable sweetness,
if each day a flower
climbs up to your lips to seek me,
ah my love, in me all that fire is repeated,
in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten,
my love feeds on your love, beloved,
and as long as you live it will be in your arms
without leaving mine.” Pablo Neruda


♦ Necklaces, ring, earrings: 18K white gold with white round brilliant diamonds


The best of the superleague

Football stars and their biggest achievements!
That was the Award night at Benaki Museum organized by NovaSport and PSAP.
Host for the evening was journalist and dear friend Lila Kountourioti,
wearing a black MI-RO dress,
18K black gold earrings with black round brilliant diamonds
and 18K white gold pear-shaped hand-piece all Danelian Diamond Club.


#dwts The grand finale


This Sunday will be the last show of this season’s Dancing With The Stars and blonde-bomb beauty Doukissa Nomikou couldn’t have worn anything other then the marvellous Danelian Diamond Club hand-piece. Holding the card with the winner…requires many carats of excitement!
Stylist_Christos Alexandropoulos
Haute Couture dress_Celia Kritharioti
Hand-piece_Danelian Diamond CLub AW1415′ collection


Arcana of Tarot


The future is bright…


..embrace it…


Choose your cards…

DANELIAN-diamond-bracelet 2

…and play it your way.


               ♦Bracelets: 18K gold with white brilliant diamonds and rubies.





Making of shiny dreams

Danelian-earring-diamond club

danelian-earrings-diamond club

♦Earrings from the Haute Joiallerie collection: fancy yellow diamonds of radiant cut clarity vs1, 12cts each.


The Hollywood gem.

The most fantastic Hollywood women in the world have cat-walked diamonds through film sets, oscar nights and famous love affairs.


By the time Marilyn Monroe said “diamonds are a girls best friend” in the 1953 hit Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the diamond’s place as the most popular gem in history was fully secured. In To Catch A Thief, diamonds encircled Grace Kelly’s regal neck as she seduced Cary Grant. Icon Sophia Loren carried on the tradition of highlighting one’s fame and attitude with diamonds. In fact during an interview, when asked about the thousands of dollars of jewelry that was stolen from her hotel suite, she replied “Darling, you must not weep for something that cannot weep for you”.
Yet the biggest boost to women’s affinity for diamonds was neither European royalty nor italian film stars. The woman widely known as Hollywood’s jewelry queen, Elizabeth Taylor, has the distinction of owning several of the world’s famous diamonds. Diamonds from husbands Nicky Hilton, Mike Todd and Richard Burton easily rival the collections of European royalty. 


#dwts Katerina Stikoudi is a diamond explosion!

The girl sparkles with her diamonds!
Singer Katerina Stikoudi performed this Sunday on the smashing tv show “Dancing With The Stars” wearing a red dress by MI-RO designers and several of our latest Diamond Club pieces. SMASH!
Danelian diamond Katerina stikoudi_   DANELIAN diamond Katerina stikoudi


Rings and fingers say a lot about you!

  The Creation of Adam DANELIAN diamond

You may have that one favourite piece of jewelry that you wear all the time.
But have you ever noticed you actually wear it (or them) on a specific finger everytime?
Well, that kind of ritual may say a thing or two about your character!

 Each of our fingers represents certain qualities

The Index finger is attributed to Jupiter. Self-confidence, ambition, leadership and executive ability. You keep focus in the outer aspects of life and the power sharing balance of relationships. The Jupiterian personality is strongly driven and find themselves placed in executive roles often in spite of themselves.

The Middle Finger belongs to Saturn. Saturn has been called “the balance wheel” of the hand or the personality. It entangles the sense of right and wrong, the law, the search for truth, self-analysis and sometimes secretiveness. To emphasize the role of Saturn is to emphasize the sense of what is proper in any given situation.

The Ring Finger, oh Apollo! Apollo represents, above all, creativity. Whether in an artistic expression & craftsmanship or in every other aspect of life. Apollo is the cultivation of the love of beauty in all its forms but especially of the natural world. Apollo is that energy within each one of us hoping for self-expression supporting grace, beauty & compassion.

The Little Finger_Planet Mercury. Mercury is the energy of communication. Think of Mercury as your antenna both receiving and transmitting.Not just verbally but in every way. Receptively, Mercury is your intuition, way you receive all information, all data, and with what sensitivity you receive that data. Strong Mercury skill manifest as what we see in our times as bright intelligence.

And finally, the Thumb. The only finger not named for one of the Greek gods, it represents the quality of will, both personal and universal. Careful! The thumb is already so emphasized in the hand by the very nature of our anatomy that it would be unusual for a person to need to emphasize the quality of will except on a fairly temporary basis. Choose to wear it temporarily just to get the message through!

Painting, The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, 1512.


determined like a capricorn

Capricorn _ December 22 to January 19
What better choice to put a face on one of our favourite zodiacs
then our unforgettable collaboration with Danish mega-star Helena Christensen.
They say Capricorns are the most determined off them all and judging by this beauty’s carrier
we think they are just about right.
So proud to have worked with you Helena!

danelian helena christensen

A Capricorns mantra : “Life is one big project and we will get to the end, ambitious and determined as we are. Sugar-coating is not our favorite sport, yet we will remain one of your most loyal friends”

♦Bracelet: 18K white gold with round and fancy cut round brilliant diamonds


baby it’s cold outside


We couldn’t think of a better combination to survive these snowy days
than a touch of  pink gold and diamonds from the new collection of ring pieces,
styled up with the petrol parka from Yves Salomon @ Bettina.

♦Rings: 18K ping gold with white round brilliant diamonds


anything is possible

December is fading away
there’s a new year coming your way


Life gets filled with possibilities
when the New Year arrives.…




This is the start of a new year.

Make the best of it, anything is possible.



jingle all the way

Stacked and layered, they make such a dazzling impression.
Bangles are still this season’s best picks. Up to you to match them up.
These beauties bellow “posed” for the latest issue of Hello!Magazine.


♦Bracelets: 18K white gold with white round brilliant diamonds and sapphires.


stunning vicky kaya for The D Diary


My relationship with jewelry is, I would say, basic and elementary.
I am a fan of clean cut design, simple and pure gems I can wear everyday.
My style is mostly minimal so I choose my adornments accordingly.
When I go for something bigger or louder, I would usually wear it as a central piece and by itself.
A woman should invest in two to three good jewelry pieces, personally I prefer contemporary design. The new generation mixes edgier shapes and “texture”. I also love black. Black diamonds, black gold.
My first piece, a ring with a white round brilliant, was given to me by my dad, when I finished high-school. He made me promise I ‘d become a lawyer, well…I became a model instead.


Vicky Kaya is an international model, a fashion icon
& owner of Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya school of Fashion Design & Fashion Management. 

Vicky wears all jewelry from Danelian Diamond Club AW1415′ collection
Photos_Konstantinos Rigos
Interview_Veroniki Haritatou for The D Diary



chiara ferragni wears Danelian diamond club


International fashion girl, Chiara Ferragni spent a day with us! We had fun photoshooting her gorgeous cat-power blue eyes for the special issue of 20 years Madame Figaro magazine.
Here is a small backstage feeling plus her insta-post (beneath) wearing our gems ;)



art deco magic

Baroque art-deco magic. Light, shadows and dramatic intensity.
Very 16th century.


♦Bracelet/Choker: 18K white round brilliant diamond
♦Ring: 18K gold with Emerald gemstone & white trilliant side diamonds
Hello! Fashion Magazine
Photoshoot_Kostas Avgoulis
Styling_Christos Alexandropoulos


XMas gifts for a good cause

danelian charity bazaar

Three established fund-raising organizations, ELPIDA, Kallipateira & Desmos, had their yearly Christmas charity events.
Part of the profits are always donated to their causes.

We are very proud to have participated in all of them!

♦ New years’ lucky charm pendants & ring: 18K gold with white round brilliant diamonds.



we ‘re in Hello!Fashion

Special fashion issue of Hello! magazine is finally out.
Our latest collection of rings all styled-up!



street art carats



Paris has always been a top destination for avant garde street art. French artist “Le Diamantaire” works basically with discarded mirrors. You can find his “diamonds” in Paris, Zurich and Barcelona. They are very hard to miss, especially when the ray of light hits them. Sounds familiar…




The domino effect

Introducing to you the 2015 “gouri” (good luck charm)!
Wear it as a necklace, as a two piece necklace or as a ring…
Let the domino-effect, affect you.


The Domino-effect of Love
Once you are touched by it
you spread it.
I love you,
you love me.
Let 2015 be a love spreading year.

photo (11) copy

Charm 15′ : 18K gold with white round brilliant diamonds


diamond paper notes


We all write notes. But how many carats are yours worth?
Papelaria is a Brazilian paper-turn-art store that is a master of design.
Like these diamond-shaped note pads carefully placed inside the cutest gift boxes!


The quotes on them are…so us ;)

Diamond shaped memo-pad
7.5 x 10 cm, 80 sheets,12 x 12 x 9cm

baby it’s cold outside

As the winter begins,
we pick up some of our favourite parkas,
clutches, feathers n’ leathers new arrivals from BETTINA boutique ,
matching them up with some of our Danelian Diamond Club AW/1415′ new pieces.
#theddiary #bettinafw2014








1.Feather shirt, Aviu / 2. Ankle boots, Zeus + Δione / 3.Parka coat, Yves Salomon / 4. Fur coat, Sofie d’Hoore – chain purse, McQueen / 5. Tweed slip-ons, Diemme / 6. Feather n’ leather jacket, Aviu – Clutch, McQueen / 7. Fuchsia jackie-o jacket, Anne Claire. All BETTINA boutique, Athens.
All rings Danelian Diamond Club: 18K gold with black and white round brilliant diamonds.

Fashion director&photos_Veroniki Haritatou G




into the shadow, listen


Earrings: 18K two-coloured gold with white round brilliant diamonds buckled in the shape of a bow


“pop” the question!

"The Ring (Engagement)," by Roy Lichtenstein, 1962. The Ring (Engagement),1962, Roy Lichtenstein
2011052023455016220110520234641 The Engagement Ring, 1961, Roy Lichtenstein

His full name is Roy Fox Lichtenstein
Born in Manhattan on the 27
th of October 1923, raised on the upper west side.
A leader of the new art movement of the 60′s next to Andy Warhol.
Influenced by advertising and comic book styles, he mastered pop art.

He has received numerous awards and several honorary Art Doctorate from the best universities.
The first american to exhibit at Tate Modern, London.
Three famous works are Whaam! (1963, Tate), Drowning Girl (1963, MoMA) and Woman with Flowered Hat (1963) that holds the record of highest Lichtenstein auction price.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio.


Je suis grecque!


♦Ring: 18K white gold with white princess cut diamonds and blue princess cut sapphires


‘dancing with the stars’ premiere

Dazzling Doukissa Nomikou, host of the night, at the premiere of the 5th season
TV show “Dancing with the stars”
showing off the Danelian Diamond Club ring piece.


Ring piece: 18K pink gold with white marquise cut diamonds
Danelian Diamond Club
Dress_Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture
Stylist_Christos Alexandropoulos

Seating on a diamond

Picture 22_13

Like every respectable architect and designer,
Polish-American Daniel Libeskind designed a chair. The chair.
Shaped like a diamond, it was originally made for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
It’s official name is the Spirit House Chair but everyone, especially us, calls it The Diamond Chair.


the superb Fancy vivid pink

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 7.54.41 PM

Sold today at the Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong for about 14,088,000 €, this ring, carries a pear-shaped fancy vivid purple-pink diamond weighing 8.41 carats.
Only 0.1% of the 20 million carats of rough diamonds produced annually are pink, and, of these, the number weighing more than half a carat would fit into the palm of your hand.

Internally flawless clarity, excellent polish, this surely is one exquisite gem. 



put on your dress


The day you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone,
and you want the rest of your life to start right now.
When all your choices just feel right.
That kind of day
Thank you E L for sharing with us your special day!
Wedding dress_Atelier Loukia
Photo_Kostas Delis

♦Ring: 18K gold with fancy yellow radiant cut diamond with white trapezoid cut diamonds for side stones


diamond whispering

Come to think about it, a woman has many things in common with a beautiful horse. 

She loves her jewelry..


her clothes…


good food…


more food!


hugs and cuddling…


and ..well, her shoes!


♦Rings: 18K pink and white gold with white fancy cut diamonds

Thank you for the “ride” Regina and Nick!



Fashion gems

It is no longer a secret that many fashion designers get inspired by the shape and the glamour of diamonds.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.18.40 PM

Our pick for the day is the “Fiona” clutch by Edie Parker, it gives you the feeling that you are holding a gigantic Emerald cut gem carrying your keys and lipstick.



happy birthday adriana!


Adriana Sklenarikova

Born in Brezno, Slovakia.
Former Guinness record holder for the longest legs among female models.
Worked with Diamond Club Danelian for one of our many campaigns, like the image above.
Now married to Armenian businessman Aram Ohanian.
Favourite quote: “We don’t rebuild our life, we simply continue it”.

This beauty turns 43 today, we send her love!


iconic marilyn monroe

“One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I am a woman”

Marilyn, on how to wear diamonds.


Angelina jolie + brad pitt = lfe


The ring, given to Angelina by Brad some time ago, is a 7 carat Emerald-cut diamond with 9 carat baguettes. It costed $500,000 and took a year to design. Brad wanted ‘every aspect of it to be perfect’, said their jeweller, ‘this is a couple who continues to think about how to surprise each other in gifts of love that all have meaning. He plans well in advance, she plans well in advance’.


C J hendry knows how to diamond draw

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.40.16 PM


Australian artist CJ Hendry uses a simple ball pen on a piece of paper like all of us. Not really, as you can see.
Like a true fashionista, this girl used to work in a Chanel store before quitting to follow her dream: Drawing.
Today, her huge immaculate artworks, always inspired by the elegance and glamour of luxury goods, sell at $50,000 each, approximately.


Follow her on instagram @cj_hendry




An absolute classic, this piece of art, was made by enfant-terrible Damien Hirst using 8,601 flawless diamonds including a pear-shaped pink diamond known as the Skull Star Diamond. It costed £14 million to produce. The work of art was originally piched at £50 million and said to have been successfully sold to an anonymous buyer. Up until today though, there has been no real proof.


This arcane object is a fantastic and excessive masse of intense light, whereas death, in art, is usually bleak and surrounded by dying light and shadow. Yet there it is, in a careful installation, revealed more then just shown. We see it shine, intrigued by its eerie magnificence.



For The Love Of God, by artist Damien Hirst
Personal notes from the artist taken from the publication ‘The Making of The Diamond Skull’ _ Published by Other Criteria/White Cube.


Mi piace amore mio


Rings: 18 karat gold with white round brilliant diamonds, blue sapphire and ruby



the cullinan diamond

Imagine 3,106 carats all in one diamond.

During an ordinary working day, on the 26th of January 1905, inside one of South Africa’s most productive mines, the Premier Mine near Pretoria, supervisor Captain Wells saw a flash of light reflected by the sun. Exposing from a rock, was what looked like a huge piece of glass. Wells took out his pocket knife and retrieved what is yet to be known as the largest diamond in the world. The Cullinan.

Left: Joseph Asscher makes the first cut into the Cullinan. Right: a replica.

It was named after the owner of the mine, sir Thomas Cullinan. After debating and voting as to whether it should be presented to King Edward VII of England as a gift, the gem was finally received and owned by his majesty. “For myself and my successors, this great and unique diamond will be kept and preserved among the historic jewels which form the heirlooms of the crown”.

Due to its immense value, transporting the diamond to England was a major issue. Faking a trip, detectives from London were placed into a boat that was supposedly caring the gem, while the real Cullinan finally got sent in an ordinary box through the post office!

At approximately 600 grams, 10cm wide and 7cm high the white diamond was twice the size of any other diamond previously discovered. This famous stone would later be cut by the I J Asscher brothers into 9 major pieces.

cull-V-brooch-and III and IV
Left: The Cullinan V into a brooch. Right: Cullinan III and IV into a brooch 

At the time, cutting technology had not yet evolved as much. Nothing could guarantee that this most valuable diamond would be processed correctly. Joseph Asscher was the most renowned cleaverer of the time. A special knife was made for him in order to divide the gem. Legend says, he fainted while performing a one-off move that broke the Cullinan in one blow, also.. breaking the knife. Another story goes that The first blow broke the knife and the diamond remained intact. A second attempt split it in two.

The 530,4 carat Cullinan I,also called The Great Star of Africa, and the 317,4 carat Cullinan II, the Second Star of Africa will be set in the Royal Scepter and the Imperial state Crown. Both gems are in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The other seven were all mounted in brooches, a ring and a necklace and have been worn by members of the royal family on state occasions.

Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth wearing a Cullinan brooch.

As the largest rough diamond the Cullinan’s value should really remain priceless,
some specialists give the gem a value of over 2$ billion…


what’s in a box? At Kalfayan Gallery

A jewelry box can have as much history as the jewel itself,

Carved from ancient wood, adorned with oysters and shells, jewelry boxes have been a well thought of design item through history. Very often, buried next to their kings and Egyptian Pharaos!

During our visit at Dimitris Tataris’ exhibition at Kalfayan Gallery Athens_’A Day In Hell’_ we picked up a rather controversially designed jewel box. The Cretan artist, a student of great painter Dimitris Mytaras, knows how to pay attention to detail. He mixes different elements of his multi-faceted talent, presenting complex and technically perfect works, bizarre collages overlaid on old engravings and then some..



Dimitris Tataris, Art Box, 2014 (detail)
mixed media_dimensions variable
Courtesy Kalfayan Galleries, Athens – Thessaloniki. www.kalfayangalleries.com
Sent to us by our friend and art consultant Beatrice Spengou


the wave beneath me


“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
_Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Ring: 18 karat gold with brilliant white diamonds


best friends for ever!

The 3rd of August is International Friendship day.
We celebrate this with our funky playful Smiley pendant! Keep smiling together.


♦ Pendants: 18 Carat gold with white brilliant diamonds



Dimitris and nikoletta

We thought of sharing with you the cutest wedding proposal of the month!


After carefully choosing with Dimitri a magnificent gem, we customized
it with a simple setting that enhanced its beautiful simplicity.
The diamond ring was ready.

This time, the question was ‘popped’ on the wall. In a multiple choice style! A white crayon was their for Nikoletta. She had to tick off her choice, while Dimitri kneeled in front of her (yes he did), holding the ring and smiling.


And of course she said yes.
♦ Ring: 18 Carat white gold with round brilliant diamond


fresh and juicy


Hope this finds you while you’re bathing on a beautiful beach
in some corner of some paradise. Enjoy_the_summer



♦ Earrings: 18 Karat gold with white and black diamonds, sapphire and ruby


The Orlov Diamond

Few treasures are as compelling, photogenic and mysterious as the diamond. Perhaps this explains why diamonds are often as notable as their owners. Throughout history, diamonds have reached fame either through great stories of beauty or power.

The Orlov Diamond, the rose-cut gem from India, one of the Romanov crown jewels.


According to legend, the mythical gem weighting a spectacular 189,6 carats, along with its pair, once adorned the eyes on a statue of a Hindu deity in southeast India. A deserter french soldier got so mesmerized by the stone, he earned the temple’s trust in order to work and eventually steal it. And so he did!
Sold to a merchant for a fraction of its worth, the diamond was purchased in 1774 by Count Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov, who in an unsuccessful attempt to regain favour gave it to Empress Catherine the Great. While she accepted the stoned, she declined the marriage proposal. Eventually banishing him form Court! Catherine had it mounted in the Romanov imperial sceptre, and it is now part of Russia’s Diamond Fund in Moscow.


Nowadays the Orlov is one of the most important items in one of the greatest collections of gems and jewelry.

The Orlov measures 47.6 mm in height, 31.75 mm in width, and 34.92 mm in length. The clarity is typical of the finest Indian diamonds and its color possesses a slight bluish-green tint. The shape of the diamond has been described as resembling half an egg. The total number of facets is roughly 180.



the 4 c’s

There aren’t two identical diamonds in this world.
Every single one of them is unique.

Until the middle of the 20th century, there was no measurement standard to evaluate the value of a diamond gem up until the 4C’s. The beauty the rarity and the value of a diamond depends on four factors:

danelian 4cs

Cut: the right proportion, symmetry and polish of a diamond will allow the light to penetrate, giving brilliance and life to the diamond. It also refers to the shape of a diamond
: Or to be more accurate, the non-color of the gem is what makes it more pure. The whiter the diamond the rarer it is.

Clarity: The different types of inclusions inside of a stone define its clarity. It is rare to find a flawless gem, because that is the rule of nature.
Carat: It is the unit of measuring the weight of diamonds. Some are bigger yet some others are bigger in significance.

Today the 4C’s is the universal method of accessing the quality of any diamond anywhere in the world



The diamond inside you


The idea behind the work of Spanish graffiti artistic team called Boa Mistura is to inspire, unite and transmit that positive energy that we all need. Famous for splashing color and messages of hope through many cities, whether it is during big changes or difficult times, it makes us realize there’s nothing better then just being ourselves.

Cape Town 2011 http://www.boamistura.com/ 

02 (1)



Obrigada meu amor


As Mundial’s ’14 final match is approaching this Sunday, we got inspired by the biggest athletic celebration. Nothing like the combination of Brazil and football to get you in the mood for a photoshoot.
The game is on pure gems. Obrigada meu amor! (that’s Portuguese for ’Thank you my love’)

P1140859neo_ P1140877neo1_ P1140881neo_ P1140899neo_

Rings and bracelets: 18K gold and diamonds.


oh! we inspire art

We discovered our campaign with Danish super-star-model Carmen Kass
has inspired young artists!
Artist @bad_fever goes crazy with her pencils, drawing faces of stars
models and actresses, creating all the right shadows.
Her insta account, quite a popular one, features our collaboration with Carmen.
Here is her work, regrammed by the model herself on her personal instagram account:


mad vma 14′

A night filled with music and stars.


We attended this year’s MAD Music Video Awards. With gems!
Some backstage moments with model and singer, Katerina Stikoudi.
While she styled up with our jewelry.
Lace dress designed by Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture
Stylists_Marios Kypriotis & Michalis Tsoukas

Jeff, the whitney and the Blue diamond story


Today is the opening of the biggest retrospective exhibition ever made for iconic artist Jeff Koons. One of our favourite pieces is (of course) the ‘Blue diamond’ from 2005! Made of shiny stainless steel and seven-feet wide, the Blue is part of 5 works – the red, pink and green versions that are in private collections.


…You may still catch a flight and land at the Whitney Museum, New York.
It’s a Jeff thing :
-His work Balloon Dog (Orange) holds the world record of most expensive work by a living artist, sold at Christie’s New York for $58.4 million.
-As a child he went door to door after school selling gift-wrapping paper and candy to earn pocket money.
-He is an Aquarius.


don’t ever forget the first man of your life

Happy father’s day!


Cufflinks: 18 Karat gold, white and black diamonds


wedding bells

What a spectacular setting it was,
shooting some of our favourite wedding pieces!

The Olympic Stadium was transformed into a magical flowery colorful world ready to host all of the happy couple’s friends. Our friend and top wedding organizer Markos Macheropoulos from MR.CO worked with us on using this extravagant setting of a wedding ceremony just about to start and give you some ideas, on precious gems for your big ‘diamond moment’…


444a 555a 333a

Collaboration with wedding planning company _ MC.RO mrco.gr

♦ Earrings and Necklaces : 18 karat white gold and diamonds


365 the project

varvitsiotis zoumboulakis gallery   download

Talent is often seen through simplicity. Our friend and visual artist Constantinos Varvitsiotis flew from New York to celebrate with us his latest project: 365 The project. A poster for everyday at Zoumboulakis Gallery. The 12th of October 2013 was the diamond day. Bling bling!

Constantinos Varvitsiotis_ http://threesixfivetheproject.squarespace.com/ 
Zoumboulakis Gallery


greek beauty


danelian maria menounos evil eye

International Tv star Maria Menounos is featured in the latest issue o People Style Watch wearing our classic ‘Evil Eye’ By Myrto Danelian necklace!
Our Evil Eye piece has become a trademark creation, celebrating a decade of existence this year. Always a favourite choice among our exclusive clientele and any beautiful woman with greek origins that understands its symbolizing protective power.

 ‘It’s a greek thing’ Maria! 




The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has long provided the highest quality of academic and scientific research, ensuring the public’s trust of gems and jewelry.
Gemkids an interactive web platform created by GIA, is a funny and creative site for kids, aiming to intrigue them about the treasures of this world through amusing and inspiring content.
Kids can feel like explorers whilst at the same time learn important notions such as minerals, gemology, appraisers, history, trading, design and much more!
So… how DID stones become ‘rock stars’? Click to find. http://gemkids.gia.edu/


hello! marietta

Marietta Chrousala has many roles in life.
Apart from being a mother, model, tv presenter and shoe designer, she has been transformed in this special edition of Hello!magazine into a seductive Japanese muse. danelian-diamond-marietta-chrousala

Hello! magazine_Special Issue Summer 2014
Styling_Christos Alexandropoulos
Photographer_Costas Avgoulis
Jewelry_Danelian Diamond Club




haute couture et joaillerie

A mixture of Belle époque with a twist of Charleston attitude.
That was the feeling at this year’s Spring Summer 14′ collection of haute couture greek designer Laskaris.
Both taffeta and crème gowns and vivid color dresses with fringed ending. Wavy simple long hair, intense eyes.

Our collaboration was a perfect match!
We sparkled up the catwalk with some of our finest gems


Mister Laskaris’ beautiful muse Esther Mastroianni

Z3 Z7 Z9 danelian-2 Z1 Z8

The collection’s accessories were a series of one-of-a-kind colourful knitted clutches.
A woman’s must-have (after a fine piece of jewelry that is!).

Z12 Z15 Z17 Z20

Laskaris Haute Couture Spring Summer 14′ collection  took place
at Theoharaki Foundation.


timeless beauty


Legendary Naomi is turning 44 today and still rocks!
The footage of our collaboration with the supermodel
was spectacular. Stay tuned for backstage photos!

Danelian Diamond Club Campaign 
photographer_Giorgos Mestoussis



the cutest thing

A small pick of our great collection of christening crosses.
Great ideas for every ‘Nono’ and ‘Nona’!(Godfather and Godmother)

z1   z2 z3   z4 z5   z7 z9   z99

Thank you to our dear friend Baskit Baking Studio for the wonderful setting!

♦ Crosses : 18 karat gold and diamonds



about Zeta’s Night

zeta makrypoulia Danelian diamond j2us

Lovely Zeta Makrypoulia wears our special hand and ear pieces for tonight’s 7th show of J2US!

♦Hand piece: 18 karat white gold with white round brilliant and pear shaped diamonds.
♦Ear piece: 18 karat white gold with whit round brilliant and marquise diamond.




Ladies, this is George and amal


Mr George Clooney, the oscar winning legendary bachelor, decided to invite his girlfriend, stunning Amal Alamuddin, for a quiet dinner he prepared himself at home. He kneeled down, opened a small box in front of her. And asked her if she would kindly spend the rest of her life with him.


The ring of what is probably called the engagement of the year, is a generous 7 carat Emerald cut with side baguettes set in platinum.
One thing we know best, the Emerald cut is the type where you cant hide any flaws or inclusions. Spread the Love!


Zeta Makrypoulia_The lady shines

For last week’s 5th episode of the tv show Just the Two of Us, beautiful star, actress and tv presenter Zeta Makrypoulia wore Danelian ear cuffs and an 18 Carat leaf-shaped diamond ring. Styled up with her Balmain dress and Alexander McQueen peep toes, the outcome was dazzling. Thank you instyle.gr!

Stylist _ Giorgos Segredakis



“The Blue” at Christie’s

What a splash of blue, like waves in a summer breeze.
“The Blue” is the worlds biggest vivid blue flawless pear-shaped diamond.
The privately-owned  and weighting 13.22 carats piece, will be auctioned next month at Christie’s.
This rare gem is expected to reach $25 million.



Love Rocks Ball


Diamond Club Danelian attended this year’s Lifeline Humanitarian Organisation charity ball,
patroned by Her Royal Highness Princess Katherine of Serbia, at the Claridge’s Hotel, in London, on the 15th of March. Auctioned by Sotheby’s.
2014 is the year of the horse.
Our donation to the black and white Love Rocks ball was a 1,61 carat Danelian diamond,
cut into the shape of a horse’s head.
With exquisite donator such as Cartier and de Grisogono, the charity event raised the unbelievable amount of €280,000, supporting the Cerebral Palsy Society Greece and the Children’s Home Foundation, making Greece a better place for its children.



A diamond is forever

de beers

The diamond has been a symbol of affection, a symbol of love for as long as we can remember. 

De Beers, the oldest company of mining and trading diamonds since 1888, established such a close and precious relation between diamonds and all of us.

In the year 1945, a very young copywriter working at  N.W. Ayer & Son, called Frances Gerety was the person who put that into words. Days after working on this, Frances came up with an iconic phrase made to stay, one that is still considered the most successful slogan of the 20th century, that ‘A diamond is forever’.


the kids, the future, the visit

What a day!
23 school kids showed up at Diamond Club Danelian.


Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.35.49 AM

‘Where do you hide your treasures?’ was their first reaction!
‘You can make your own’ was our reply!

Their visit was about learning how to turn an idea into reality.
How many steps from a sketch to your hand?

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.46.46 AM

Ideas, tools, metals, stones. Sounds like a fairytale and it is!
Sketching and drawing is the first step before creating a piece of jewelry.
Shaping the metal into an ornament…


Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.49.46 AM


..perhaps turning it into a beautiful diamond ring.
Or not such an everlasting ring… a cookie diamond ring with great taste!



it’s only urban nature


♦ Ring: 18 Karat white gold embellished with blue sapphires, black diamonds and green tsavorite.