Sparkling Lip Art!

A talented make-up artist created the most luxurious lips! She placed a total of 126 diamonds of different sizes on a woman’s lips weighing almost 23 carats and worth almost 500,000 euros.

Incredible art, sparkling diamonds and captivating lips.Impressive and stunning!


Inspired by Diamonds!

Every artist from Rihanna to Prince and Marilyn Monroe have been inspired by diamonds singing about this exquisite and precious stone as a symbol of love, success, strength and luxury.

Iconic songs – each one with a very different story behind it!
Marilyn Monroe’s song dazzled in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1952 and has been replayed in hit movies Moulin Rouge and Burlesque. You were right Marilyn…diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!

The legendary James Bond theme song from 1971 state the obvious by saying that ‘diamonds are forever’….while Kylie Minogue felt as strong and brilliant as a White Diamond in the namesake song.

As Rihanna said…keep shining bright like a diamond ladies…!!!


one is not enough

Our festive gifts are better when styled together.
Make these holidays a season to remember by
choosing a timeless gesture.
The thunder necklace, the Danelian Heart.
Rubies, princess cut and the stunning riviera.
Some of the best, or simply all of them together ;)




This is the story of the weirdest most sacred diamond out there.
The Koi.

The colors of this 32 carat diamond evokes the Koi fish,
legend and sacred symbolism cherished by East Asians.

For over two thousand years, the Koi legend enthralled and inspired people in China. It is a story of endurance and beauty. Visually captivating, Koi fish are described as swimming up the Yellow River, their body flashing in the sunlight and glittering like a million living diamonds. Once they reach the waterfall, only the most determined throw their bodies into the air and reach the top of the falls.
how inspiring!