versace finale with danelian stars!

 What a show! Milan’s Versace finale to the Fashion Week was a tribute to Gianni,
the founder of the mega italian fashion brand who passed away so young.
The dream team of 90’s supermodels teamed up to celebrate their love and devotion to the man who started it all.

What a moment,  two of our Danelian Diamond Club campaign girls!
Helena Christensen and Naomi Campbell.
Ladies, it was such an honor to have worked with your timeless beauty….


..Here is your highness Naomi <3

Naomi danelian diamond


we are art!

 Very talented artist Adrian Villar Rojas
has made quite an impression in the Athenian crowd presenting an installation at the observatory of Athens.

We where commissioned to create a Danelian custom made 18K golden pendant,
made for his incredible Theatre Of Dissapearance exhibition curated by Neon organization.




Carmen darling

Meet super model Kass. Carmen Kass.

Born in Tallinn, thsi estonian beauty celebrated her 39th birthday today.

This girl has been a political influence while being a cover girl and runway star for years.
Her favourite game is chess, as her father was a chess professor. She was discovered at the age of 14 by an italian scout. She never gave in to have cosmetic surgery to change her lips.

That became her biggest trademark!

Happy Birthday beauty! Such an honor you are a Danelian girl!