Beautiful Designs!

Two great outfits from the Prada spring collection for two different occasions to cover all possibilities.

Enjoy your day out wearing this stylish black and yellow dress and pair it with these cool Rock Deco earrings and bracelet. Exclusively found at the Danelian Diamond Club.

If you feel like dressing up pair this wonderful floral dress with high heals, the magnificent Danelian Diamond Club earrings and the eye catching ring with black and white diamonds. You cannot go wrong with these fabulous styles!


Colour Seduction!

Two fabulous necklaces from our special Rosary Collection. One with ruby beads and a trilliant cut diamond in the center and one with ruby beads, sapphires, rubies and diamonds! Both very impressive.

Another magnificent piece from our Rosary Collection this time with black diamond beads with sapphires and diamonds.

No necklace of the Rosary Collection is the same. Each is one of a kind. Unique by nature. It’s our new best seller for a reason. Wear it, feel special and unique.


Striking Designs!

Easter is around the corner and so are christenings! We give you our Danelian Diamond Club unique suggestions for you or your loved ones!

Different designs, different styles, different shapes … all beautiful and elegant!

Choose the one that suits your distinct style and elevate your look!


Timeless Elegance!

We always love an opportunity to dress up and look amazing! Whether it is for a wedding, a philanthropic gala or any other event with a formal dress code!

Here, our friend is wearing a stunning Danelian Diamond Club ring – a marquise cut diamond with heart shaped diamond side stones.

The other gorgeous lady is wearing a captivating emerald cut ring with baguette side stones.

Both Danelian Diamond Club rings are undoubtedly elegant and timeless!


Gorgeous girls!

Naomi Campbell, the world famous model, loves YEPREM and always makes a statement wearing the amazing jewelry.

Rosie Huntington is a model, an actress, a designer and a businesswoman.

She is also in love with YEPREM jewelry.

Gorgeous jewelry for truly gorgeous girls!
The YEPREM collection can be found exclusively at Danelian Diamond Club.