..And pamper me my love!
Pearls, they are the warmest of the worlds gems.

At Danelian Diamond Club we often combines this classic with innovative design..

..with brilliant white diamonds, to give it an edge!

The result is timeless. The utter combination of glamourous material this earth has to give.
And yes, we are also talking about the shells… :)

This above is one of our favourite rings, where two diamond arrows embrace a white pearl as a halo.


another type of bride

New bridal collection!
Yep. It is a classic square shaped engagement ring!
Celebrating a different point of view, this is a perfect fresh and bold piece for a modern bride.
A riviera of brilliant white diamonds leads like a lucky snake to the central gem.


a to u

From me to you. Is A to U. A series of golden pendants custom made with a baguette diamond with your initials. Perfect for a birthday or even a christening present.
18k pink gold.


hello evangelia

Hot! This girl is on fire. TV celebrity Evangelia Aravani was shot for Hello Magazine on a very
Summery editorial. This beauty is wearing all Danelian bracelets.

Our favourite triplet classic. A selection of sapphire gems mixed with brilliant white diamonds and our
collection of rubbie pieces also combined with brilliant uniquely cut diamonds.
Styling Christos Alexandropoulos