A theory about leaves

The say that in nature, art is the flower and life is the green leaf.

In our case though, the flower is absent while the leaf is so beautiful that it becomes art.

We created these four leaf shaped diamond rings in four different colours. Someone would call them statement pieces.

We just call them our typical rings!


From left to right:

18K leaf shaped diamond ring with brilliant white diamonds.

18K leaf shaped rubin ring with brilliant white diamonds.

18K leaf shaped emerald ring with brilliant white diamonds.

18K leaf shaped sapphire ring with brilliant white diamonds.


Duchess in Danelian!

The cover of the latest issue of Hello Fashion Magazine features one of the most beautiful women in Greece. Yes, we are talking about Duchess (aka Doukissa Nomikou), who is wearing some of our favourite diamond bracelets in the best of ways!

Photographer:  Dimitris Skoulos/ Fashion Editor: Christos Alexandropoulos / Make Up: Pantelis Toutountzis


18K Diamond Bracelets with White Brilliant Diamonds


A day with Celia Kritharioti

 Our close friend and fashion designer Celia Kritharioti, who every season creates beautiful, feminine, embellished pieces, recently presented a big fashion show at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in collaboration with the Orama Elpidas Organization.

On the occasion of that event, we decided to shoot some of her creations with our diamond earrings collection. We thought that by combining Celia’s clothes and our diamonds, something even more beautiful would come out as a result. What do you think?

We shot three of our favourite teardrop earrings (ideal accessory for future brides!), our “running river” earrings, as well as our starlight pair.


Earrings: Round Brilliant and Pear Shaped Diamonds on White gold(18k)


Earrings: Round Brilliant and Pear Shaped Diamonds on White gold(18k)


 Earrings: Round Brilliant Diamonds on White gold(18k)


Earrings: Round Brilliant and Pear Shaped Diamonds on White gold(18k)


Earrings: Round Brilliant Diamonds on White gold(18k)






Happy Birthday Naomi!

With countless magazines covered and shows walked, she’s more than made her presence felt within the fashion industry. Naomi Campbell turned 47 years old today and she looks more fabulous than ever.

The star has dabbled in everything from modeling to clothing design and even acting (in the hit series Empire) but her gorgeous complexion and shiny locks haven’t changed a bit.

With Naomi celebrating her birthday today, we couldn’t help but remember the Danelian campaign we shot with her some years ago.



Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.37.36

The birthday girl -Naomi Campbell- starring in our campaign.



As light as a feather

Flying without feathers.. that’s happiness!
This symbolic unique feather diamond piece was created with white round brilliant diamonds and an amazing tanzanite gem in the middle.

A feather stands for hope, balance and good luck.

IMG_8905 copy

 The diamond feather pendant in its early stages.



18K diamond pendant with white brilliant diamonds and a tanzanite stone.


The Hoop Effect

Hoops, nothing sexier than hoops. :)
Especially their diamond version!
This is our new seasons’ Danelian diamond hoops with a sweet oval ruby featured  in a Spring fashion editorial by stylist Markos Andriotis.


18Κ hoop earrings with brilliant diamonds and rubies




Pure White!

 White shirt, diamond ring. Bam, classic timeless summer styling.
This is a unique anniversary piece made of white round brilliant diamonds with a central gem.
If you can think for one occasion, then we can think for a lot more for her to get the ring!
Did you hear by the way? Summer is almost here!


18K diamond ring with brilliant diamonds


first of may!

danelian may

Hello spring!

We love you…
And for that we styled up a flower clutch with our favourite flowery combination.
An exquisite match of earrings and ring with an 18k white gold and several unique white round brilliant diamonds!

A special gift for a special friend

They say that the first thirty years of life give us the experience,
then the next ten is all about realizing how amazing life trully is :)

We like that theory!

This month, a very special client had her 40th birthday.
So for her birthday party she commissioned a custom made charm bracelet.





Custom made 18K gold Danelian bracelet with a white round brilliant diamond.