The Raj pink diamond

Hello pink.
The Raj diamond is the largest fancy intense pink diamond at 37.30 carats.
And the rarest as they are only a 0.02% of all discovered diamond gems.
According to GIA, color intense gems drive a higher value.
This beauty was unveiled just now in London
and will be auctioned in Geneva on November 15 through the
Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale at Sothebys.


rock deco cyclades

Oh the contrast of our lovely Rock Deco collection pieces
with the pure white magic of Cycladic beauty.


Summer may be fading but Mykonos is in our hearts!

Ring_ Myrto Danelian Rock Deco 18K brown gold with
an emerald cut diamond and round brilliant stones.


princess life

20 years after her tragic loss, this controversial Princess
blows us away with her spirit and style!

The Saudi Sapphire suite, and what a pink dress that is!

The most impressive set of jewelry was given to her by the Saudi royal family for her wedding.
A sapphire and diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings plus a watch and a ring. Considered the perfect match for her engagement ring.

..So she took the sapphire of the ring and turned it into the centre piece of the choker which
she wore as her trademark headband. And then the diamond surrounded sapphires
of the watch were turned into these two earrings.
One of which was the gem that Prince William gave Kate Middleton.
headbands? True rockstar behaviour.