Yes we love Balmain.
Thease are some of our picks to pair with our amazing Danelian pieces.
Emerald earrings with colors.

This cocktail dress will work wonders with our Danelian eternity ring.
yet again, anything becomes a wonder when worn with one of our Danelian classics.
Last but not least, the Danelian Rock Deco earrings designed by Myrto Danelian
give  this worl.. triangle symetry it needs. Oh and to the outfit too by the way. :)


diamond park…

Our new Xmas window display celebrates eternity.

Our Danelian Xmas themed windows are full of timeless creatures.
They come from the stone age, when only dinosaurs and diamond gems existed.

A luxurious dark styling made by Nikos Yfantis.

…filled with dazzling classic gems like this bracelet.

Meet the most fabulous creatures, this is our Xmas Diamond Park!


eternity is the word

Ladies… but mostly gents.
Meet the Danelian Eternity Rings family
suited for lifetime anniversaries!
Our type of timeless gifts. One cannot miss to have such a piece in a jewelry box.

Meet the dream team of Danelian Eternity rings up close.
Shapes vary from oval, round brilliant, princess and Emerald cut.