a to u

From me to you. Is A to U. A series of golden pendants custom made with a baguette diamond with your initials. Perfect for a birthday or even a christening present.
18k pink gold.


It’s all Greek to me

This is it. Our bold ‘It’s all Greek to Me’ collection is here again.
Danelian Diamond Club Souvenir collection is an ode to Greek Summer and endless sunsets.
These pendants are perfect and easy to wear even with your pareo.

This is our Summery Ready-To-Wear collection!


my personalized D diamond

This trend is here to stay!
More and more, our clientele is very fond of custom made personalised diamond pieces.
And we love it! It honors our passion for unique pieces and taking care of every one of you specially.

Drop by for a fitting, choose your shape, give us your name <3
We’ll turn it into a art ;)