diamond park…

Our new Xmas window display celebrates eternity.

Our Danelian Xmas themed windows are full of timeless creatures.
They come from the stone age, when only dinosaurs and diamond gems existed.

A luxurious dark styling made by Nikos Yfantis.

…filled with dazzling classic gems like this bracelet.

Meet the most fabulous creatures, this is our Xmas Diamond Park!


riviera da chiara

Yes we are very happy these two love birds finally got married.
Mostly though, we love how Chiarra is sporting her diamond riviera, like, all the time:
At a night out in Formentera..
Sunbathing, drinking casual cocktails in a colorfoul mood:

 Even super-mummy, khaki shorts situation, bikini Chiarra is still wearing that diamond riviera.. Girl that is khow it’s done.



..And pamper me my love!
Pearls, they are the warmest of the worlds gems.

At Danelian Diamond Club we often combines this classic with innovative design..

..with brilliant white diamonds, to give it an edge!

The result is timeless. The utter combination of glamourous material this earth has to give.
And yes, we are also talking about the shells… :)

This above is one of our favourite rings, where two diamond arrows embrace a white pearl as a halo.