Lucky Charm 2018!

December is fast approaching and 2017 is coming to an end soon.
We are sure everyone is getting in a festive mood…
what a great time of the year this is!!!

This New Year’s charm is all about positive vibes, happy thoughts, big smiles and joy everywhere!

Danelian Happy Charms_18K gold with one diamond weighting 0,018cts

You can choose the pendant, the ring or the earrings!

May 2018 bring smiles and happiness all around!!

Wear this charm and smile bright at 2018!!!


rock your way!

These four designs from our Rock Deco Danelian collection
exclusively designed by Myrto Danelian are luxurious,
timeless and rock at the same time. Their design conveys a subtle roughness and a sense of the past
which will make you want to wear them day and night with any outfit you choose.

The long earrings with white round brilliant diamonds as well as the gold and the black brushed gold earrings
with white round brilliant diamonds are the luxury touch every woman desires.
The bracelet with the magnificent emerald gem surrounded by white round brilliant diamonds
is what a woman needs to feel fabulous at any occasion, event and outing.
Elevate your look with these silently luxurious jewels.