mythical delos

Such is the sun and light seen through ancient ruins
that can forever be remembered.

Just like forever is the unlimited worth of a diamond
found inside the depth of time and rock.


Delos is one of the most mythical places on Earth.
It’s meaning and values it represents…are timelesss,
just like the diamond gem.

Earrings_ 3 CTS trilliants


princess life

20 years after her tragic loss, this controversial Princess
blows us away with her spirit and style!

The Saudi Sapphire suite, and what a pink dress that is!

The most impressive set of jewelry was given to her by the Saudi royal family for her wedding.
A sapphire and diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings plus a watch and a ring. Considered the perfect match for her engagement ring.

..So she took the sapphire of the ring and turned it into the centre piece of the choker which
she wore as her trademark headband. And then the diamond surrounded sapphires
of the watch were turned into these two earrings.
One of which was the gem that Prince William gave Kate Middleton.
headbands? True rockstar behaviour.


emerald green dragon

If the mother of Dragons and freer of slaves, Daenerys Targaryen
wore one of our fabulous emerald earring pieces,
it would be this one.
Dragon glass inspired green, full of magic power and determination.
Ready for anything, a fighter!

danelian dragon