all the women

We somehow feel this powerful energy on International Woman’s Day.
We are women and design for women.
Celebrating this lovely day we take a look back on some of the most iconic Danelian women and their:

We are stronger together!


oman desert dazzle

We when into a journey at Oman desert.
To find inspiration in the endless dunes of golden sand.
Most of Oman is desert, but the golden corduroy bowl of the Wahiba Sands feels like a true movie set.
Seemed like the perfect set to photoshoot out tennis bracelet of princess cut diamonds.

..And our golden diamond hoops looked like they really enjoyed all that magnitude.
The eternal spot light they deserve!

18k hand crafted heart earrings by the amazing Danelian cutters.

Golden bold diamond chain.

Tear shaped halo diamond earrings with a princess cut centre piece.


Piercing culture

More is less! The multiple piercing culture is back and the new Danelian
earcuffs are the new season’s treat.
They slide so you don’t actually need to have your ears pierced!

Style them with a classic emerald cut stud of with an stunning pear shaped gem.
Chose the polymorphic solitaire studs combo. Wear it minimally as a one piece, or enhanced
as a statement.