Happy Birthday Naomi!

With countless magazines covered and shows walked, she’s more than made her presence felt within the fashion industry. Naomi Campbell turned 47 years old today and she looks more fabulous than ever.

The star has dabbled in everything from modeling to clothing design and even acting (in the hit series Empire) but her gorgeous complexion and shiny locks haven’t changed a bit.

With Naomi celebrating her birthday today, we couldn’t help but remember the Danelian campaign we shot with her some years ago.



Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.37.36

The birthday girl -Naomi Campbell- starring in our campaign.



It’s happening: Chiara Ferragni is engaged!

The most stylish engagement of the year might be that of fashion blogger turned celeb,
italian beauty Chiara Ferragni.
She got engaged to her boyfriend, Italian rapper Fedez.


The duo began dating last year, and the surprise proposal occurred onstage with a dedicated song at Fedez’s concert in Verona,
Italy, on the eve of Ferragni’s 30th birthday.


The lucky stylish girl wore her classic solitaire with pride!

These fascinating news gave us a flashback to the time when Chiara visited Greece and spent a day with us and our creations!


Chiara Ferragni with her gorgeous cat-power blue eyes, wearing some of our diamond bracelets from the Rock Deco collection and our special Division bracelets.




A special gift for a special friend

They say that the first thirty years of life give us the experience,
then the next ten is all about realizing how amazing life trully is :)

We like that theory!

This month, a very special client had her 40th birthday.
So for her birthday party she commissioned a custom made charm bracelet.





Custom made 18K gold Danelian bracelet with a white round brilliant diamond.


The Souvenir Collection


 Summer is on its way. Don’t forget our exclusive  ”Souvenir” collection inspired by the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece and is available in Dew Boutique in Mykonos!

Make sure to look for them when you visit the most cosmopolitan island of Greece ;)


The Souvenir Collection by Danelian Diamond Club


The Black river

Fact, the black diamond is among the hardest substances found on Earth.
It symbolizes endurance and the importance of values.


We just created this unique bracelet of ten black round diamonds bound by small shining white round ones.

Wear it everywhere. It is meant for that!

Five facts about diamonds

Did you know that:

The word diamond comes from the Greek word αδάμας, meaning unbreakable.

Most of the Earth’s natural diamond deposits are found in Africa.

Diamonds are cut with considerable precision to optimize the luster and attention gathering shine of each specific diamond.

It is said that Cupid’s arrows have diamond tips.

It is estimated that less than one percent of women, in the world, will ever wear a diamond of one carat or more.



Dazzling Rising Star

She rocks, she sings, she wears our rings! {and earrings..}

She has proved it many times through her Rising Star looks on television. This time she wore an ultimately sexy Ourania Kay dress, which she updated through our diamond strand earrings and our statement Danellian ring.

Styled by Christos Alexandropoulos.