Oscar night!

It’s Oscar night!
We give you the Award Winning Collection

This is our Danelian Diamond Club fav bracelet selection.
Trapeze cut diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.
Special thanx to Fresh Patisserie for the lovely inspirational cookie!
And the Oscar goes to…..


The look of love!

We see hearts everywhere…

Danelian_heart shaped earrings with brilliant white diamonds

Choose your personal favourite piece of jewelry and show your love!!

Danelian_heart shaped pendant with brilliant white diamonds

Danelian_“Love” bracelet with brilliant white diamonds

Pick from the most beautiful and unique pieces to celebrate love!!!


The slopes are calling!

A unique Rock Deco bracelet, a special collection designed by Myrto Danelian…

Exclusively at the Danelian Diamond Club…

Rock Deco Bracelet with a 4 carat Emerald and white brilliant diamonds.

It’s time to hit the slopes, enjoy the snow and sparkle!


Danelian and Sexy Ruby

We love our offices and we are very happy that Michael Kors loves them too!

We hosted a photoshoot for Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum,
the new Michael Kors fragrance for women

inspired by the most passionate gem of all.

Α new fragrance for women where fantasy meets femininity.

Alexandra Drakou, Natalia and Nefeli Georgala, Maria Christina Kravvari, Gina Smarianaki and Maria Papageorgiou

…shine their brightest wearing our Danelian Diamond Club jewelry.

How lovely to see these gorgeous, sensual and glamorous girls
in our offices wearing our Danelian Diamond Club collections.

Organized by _Maria Papathanasiou-Arones and Outstand Communications.