diamond park…

Our new Xmas window display celebrates eternity.

Our Danelian Xmas themed windows are full of timeless creatures.
They come from the stone age, when only dinosaurs and diamond gems existed.

A luxurious dark styling made by Nikos Yfantis.

…filled with dazzling classic gems like this bracelet.

Meet the most fabulous creatures, this is our Xmas Diamond Park!


30 Years Hello Mag

Celebration calls for diamonds!
Celebrating Hello Magazine’s 30 years, here are 13 reasons why women love diamonds.
Here are some of our favorites:
#reason1 : Diamonds are timeless and can be passed on from generation to generation.
#reason2 : Each diamond is unique and holds a story behind it.

Thank you Hello Magazine.
On to the next 30!


new designs

We took a short trip to the closet and grabbed the most chic Chloe items for
Fall Winter to mix them up with some Danelian classics for this month.

A bit of Royal Ascot style with romance is the perfect diamond combination for our emerald bracelet.
We love bags that work like accesories like this one above. And we twist it mixing gold and silver palette color with
a twin set of Danelian 18K white gold bracelets with pear shaped and triangle diamond gems.

This is our royal engagement ring. Composed of five brilliantly cut diamond pieces.
Once worn, it just starts giving sparkle to any fashion item.


Next top model!

We love this new season of Greece Next Top Model.
The TV show will be announcing the next Greek
beauty to do great things in the fashion industry!
Designer Angelos Bratis and our amazing friend Vicky Kaya are our top picks in the judging commitee.

Vicky wore our Danelian earrings for the second week of the show with a total black suit, super classic with a twist of edge.
Just about to impress everyone magically.

Pics snapped from Vicky Kaya personal instagram account.