oman desert dazzle

We when into a journey at Oman desert.
To find inspiration in the endless dunes of golden sand.
Most of Oman is desert, but the golden corduroy bowl of the Wahiba Sands feels like a true movie set.
Seemed like the perfect set to photoshoot out tennis bracelet of princess cut diamonds.

..And our golden diamond hoops looked like they really enjoyed all that magnitude.
The eternal spot light they deserve!

18k hand crafted heart earrings by the amazing Danelian cutters.

Golden bold diamond chain.

Tear shaped halo diamond earrings with a princess cut centre piece.



All the shapes of the universe in one piece.
A princess cut, a heart shaped and an emerald cut stones are some of
the components of our new stellar bracelet.
18k white gold.



Style them up!

The gift of many…is styling!
Our favourite Danelian tennis bracelets for the season are out
and waiting for the right outfits.
Mix and match the cuts and colour or simply chose to multiply our favourite.

Did you know: The name Tennis bracelet was born after women’s tennis champion Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match in the 1987 US Open. Evert asked officials to postpone her match until the bracelet had been found–all while viewers watched her televised search for the expensive bracelet.  The accident apparently sparked the desire for new diamond bracelets in many viewers, causing a craze for what became affectionately known as “the tennis bracelet.” Before that though, in the early 1920s, women as well as men were often found wearing lightweight “eternity bracelets,” which would look to us today like the tennis bracelet. A diamond tennis bracelet is usually thin and simple, making it sleek and elegant, classic.