Danelian fashion fever

Yes we love fashion. And every piece we design we make an extra fashion effort.
Erything is about the perfect outift, right?
Emerald is amazing with floral, and this Diamond Club piece gives a certain vintage romantic look, just like the Gucci jacket.

We picked our fav pieces from the Fall Gucci collection and styled them up
with our rock on Danelian bracelets and earrings.
Logo tshirts are back, and they should be celebrated with big rocks.

Patterns are hot but not as hot as a set of tear shaped pink gold diamond earrings.
Romance is always on our mind :)
Exclusively at Danelian Diamond Club


riviera da chiara

Yes we are very happy these two love birds finally got married.
Mostly though, we love how Chiarra is sporting her diamond riviera, like, all the time:
At a night out in Formentera..
Sunbathing, drinking casual cocktails in a colorfoul mood:

 Even super-mummy, khaki shorts situation, bikini Chiarra is still wearing that diamond riviera.. Girl that is khow it’s done.


let us keep summer

Danelian pendants have been one of your favourites.
We believe that is because we tend to get creative and really curve gold with diamonds into so many voluptuous shapes.
Easy to wear, warm black gold and brilliant diamonds. Say hello to the Diamond Club starfish.


J-Lo rocking her Yeprem bling

This cutie in pink just makes our heart melt. Singer pop star super mum Jennifer Lopez was seen in
Fallon’s Tonight show sporting a set of new YEPREM earrings that just dazzeld our minds and a double round
diamond ring.

Jlo really does diamonds very well.
YEPREM collection is found exclusively at Danelian Diamond Club.

Her is a bit of Jlo action

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My engagement ring

At Danelian Diamond Club  we keep the traditions alive.
And that means we work hard to find the finest most precious gems.

So any piece of amazing final jewelry is crafted up until perfection.
Our Danelian Emerald cut engagement ring is an honorary queen of our collection.