new designs

We took a short trip to the closet and grabbed the most chic Chloe items for
Fall Winter to mix them up with some Danelian classics for this month.

A bit of Royal Ascot style with romance is the perfect diamond combination for our emerald bracelet.
We love bags that work like accesories like this one above. And we twist it mixing gold and silver palette color with
a twin set of Danelian 18K white gold bracelets with pear shaped and triangle diamond gems.

This is our royal engagement ring. Composed of five brilliantly cut diamond pieces.
Once worn, it just starts giving sparkle to any fashion item.


tea time..

Day two of our new rock deco Danelian collection.
We are in the world of diamond earrings discovering
the wonders of heavy modern shapes of white gold.
Arrows of diamonds and an emerald cut uniquely
carved gemstone.


rock deco

Our new rock deco pieces for the season, designed by Myrto Danelian,
an ode to infinity shapes,
made with white brilliant diamonds on white gold.
This is a statement everyday bracelet.


hearts n’ chokers

Glorious hearts, amazing dresses.
Is there anything else a woman wants?
We styled our Danelian choker with a Heart Danelian diamond pendant
with a piece from Angelos Bratis Archive.
Style up your jewelry collection, book your appointment with us.


GNTM finale dazzle

Now this is what we call a finale!

Model and fashion expert Vicky Kaya was seen in the last episode of Greece’s Next Top Model
wearing our Danelian bracelets and earrings.
The TV show was the biggest fashion hit of the season.
This fantastic woman, always so stylish.

Danelian round brilliant and leopard print brancelets and earring.