My engagement ring

At Danelian Diamond Club  we keep the traditions alive.
And that means we work hard to find the finest most precious gems.

So any piece of amazing final jewelry is crafted up until perfection.
Our Danelian Emerald cut engagement ring is an honorary queen of our collection.



Hello festivities.
That is with a double sided earring riviera!
Enjoy the thing we love most, modern polymorphic diamond shapes.



Off course it was going to be a candy.
So happy to show you our Candy Charm for a sweet 2021🍬!
May it be a year full of sugar-coated surprises reminding us to never lose our inner-child!🦄🍬🌟🍭

18K yellow & fuchsia gold with one diamond.
🍬Available in ring & pendant
🍬Limited Edition


chiara knows

This girl. Our ambassador and Danelian girl :)
Chiara Ferragni has styled our diamonds oh so many time we cannot get enough
of her. Here is a classic uber-stylish outfit she pulled that shows that more is better ;)
Find below some of her favourite pieces!


one of a kind

We just love crafts and tradition. A diamond is forever, just think of that and of all the generations that will wear a classic piece of jewelry like thisDanelian neck three – piece riviera. Made of round brilliant and baguette handpicked diamonds that took a 100 hours of precise work from concept to realisation.
It takes so much precision and love to craft each piece. We just love to share the backstage of  the Danelian High Jewelry Collection.



Nothing more chic, or classic than a drop of dazzle on a white
outfit. This pear shaped darling is 18k white gold and handcrafted
by Athenians finest diamond cutters.