Celebrities love Yeprem!

Yeprem is one of our favorite addictions at the Danelian Diamond Club and
celebrities adore his progressive and elegant designs!

Olivia Palermo is stunning wearing this dazzling Yeprem yellow diamond ring!

The glamorous singer and songwriter Mary J Blige dazzled wearing this bright eye-catching Yeprem ring!

Flaunting her sparkling Yeprem earrings
the legendary singer Celine Dion announced her Asia-Pacific 2018 Tour!

We love Tina Fey!!! The hilarious actress was spotted posing at the 2017 New York Stage & Film Winter Gala wearing a pair of elegant Yeprem earrings.

The fun and eccentric singer Pink wore the iconic Yeprem Claw at the 2017 American Music Awards!

Find Yeprem exclusively at the Danelian Diamond Club!


into the blue

Such a Greek inspired collection.
There is one thing better then having the Danelian Evil Eye ring,
..and that if having the bracelet too!!
Our latest colletion sports a small diamond cross for protection.


august is a Lion!

..that is desperately looking for a swim :)
This is the Danelian Zodiac series and August is about Lions.
White gold and white brilliant diamonds plus a lucky star shaped diamond halo.


Danelian duet

A Danelian diamond duet.
An emerald diamond hoop is a favourite classic. Made with such precision it will keep shining
towards the right direction, whichever your dancing moves.
And then there are stars. It is believed that stars are the most efficient element of luck and that girls should always wear one.
Our triplet Danelian star bracelet is such a summer sensation.


victoria’s 14th ring of love

Love, if you find the real deal, never stop celebrating it!
Just like fashion designer and celebrity football icon David & Victoria Beckam.
They just seem to never get enough of celebrating their love, now spotted with her 14th [!] engagement ring.

Victoria Beckham is renowned for her huge collection of engagement rings,
which are said to have all been gifted to her by husband David throughout their 19-year marriage. And now, the designer has been spotted wearing a beautiful new ring on that finger, which actually marks the 14th engagement ring in her collection.




blue is the summer color

This is a new Danelian series based of brilliant white diamonds and a more casual
adaptation of semi precious stones like opal and sapphires.