Carmen darling!

Happy birthday Carmen❣️
We can’t believe it is almost 10 years
since we did our campaign together!Stay radiant,cool & powerful ❤️

We had such a fantastic time shooting our campaign.

Your beauty and style remain timeless throughout.

So much love from the your Danelian team ;)


eternity dreams

This stunning handcrafted collection of diamond eternity rings is
given as a symbol of lasting affection. Usually set with an unbroken circle of gems.
Danelian gems.


oval seduction

It’s a set thing. Shiny Danelian diamond oval earrings paired with the modern flair of an earcuff piece.



We welcome fall🍁discovering unique gems and getting inspired for new creations✨
Our new one-of-a-kind Rosaries will have unique gems,
fancy colour diamonds & out of ordinary shapes!You will fall…in love💘



Every lady needs her classic gems collection.
Nothing says Danelian more than a diamond cross, earcuffs and a princess cut ring.