Diamond synthesis

New creation! A multiple selection of unique diamond shapes all styled together.
If you don’t know what cut to choose, choose them all.
White gold and all-cut Danelian diamond necklaces make for a great Greek summer.


tea time

it’s tea time over chez Danelian.
Styling our triangle brilliant earrings with our statement
couple bracelets. Emerald and Princess cut.


ruby magnet

Meet our new stars!
This ruby collection of earrings has a hoop flair
combined with a sharp attitude in shape.

Circus earrings have conquered our workshop🙇🏻& our hearts💞!
Diamonds,emeralds,rubies & sapphires celebrate together the playful,colorful and magical world of Circus🎪🤹‍♀️🤡!Join them✨!


miss casual

Say hello to the new casual

Creative and Fashion Director: Nicholas Georgiou | @nicholasgeorgiou_
Art director: Dionisis Andrianopoulos | @d_andrianopoulos
Photographer: Haris Farsarakis @10AM | @harisfarsarakis @10artistsmanagement
Fashion Editor: George Karapetis | @ohmygeorges

18k gold chain bracelets as worn on the May issue of Vogue.


one of a kind

Some jewelry pieces are a collector item. This is
the case for our Queen Tear necklace.
A pear shaped stone surrounded by a double halo
on a white gold chain with brilliant diamond tears.
We heart.