Kaya effect


The Kaya effect. It’s when beautiful friend, entrepreneur and mummy of one, Vicky Kaya shines as bright as the top if the world.
Her two Danelian bracelets and Bird-Nest earring set, shine even more when on her :)


The Met

Giacomo Pucini’s La bohème at the Metropolitan Opera.
The lights go out, the curtains rise and it doesnt get more classic then that! One of the most popular plays about the life of young bohemians in the streets of Paris. Only we are in New York and this is a unique oval cut ring with a halo.danelian-diamond-ring-opera


Tatiana blatnik


Our dearest friend Princess Tatiana Blatnik in her speach at the Hellenic Initiative at the Waldorf Astoria this week speaking about her project TRIAETC andthe newest one, A Taste Of Greece.
She is wearing the arc earrings, made of tear-shaped 18K diamonds set with white gold.



yeprem strikes back!

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 6.31.44 PM

And what a strike that is! The new single of pop star madness, Fergie is called MILF and features all the power ladies of the show biz. Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Devon Aoki, Alessandra Ambrossio,
Amber Valetta …it’s the super mum squad!


Just to prove that Yeprem is always a one of a kind alternative jewelry designer. Find him exclusively at Danelian Diamond Club.

Designing our next pieces!


A pencil and a piece of paper. That is all it takes to create some of the most famous jeweled masterpieces to remain in the sparkling hall of fame. This earring beauty, in the making as we speak, will gain it’s place in diamond eternity.



at the auction!


Yes this is the Magnificent Platinum and Diamond ring at the New York auction
and yes we took the liberty of trying it on before the auction!
This beauty will be sold at an estimate of 2.5 USD millions.
Oval shaped modified brilliant cut, 27.35 carats.

Such a piece!

fashion rocks


It’s the recognisable print of a total Fausto Puglisi lookand a double band Danelian ring with black and white sparkling diamonds. All outfits are from our dear collaborate Enny Di Monaco.


Equipment shirt matched with Philip Lim shorts and the three white ladies, 18K white gold with emerald and round cut brilliant diamonds.


This Marco De Vincenzo colorful fur was the ideal partner for our diamond ball. A unique customized ring made of more then 40 round brilliant diamonds.




Sklenarikova forever


Former Guiness record holder for the longest legs.
What a title to have! 1,24m. Yep.
Andriana Sklenarikova wanted to study medicine, model, wife, business woman and author of a book about her country, she remains bright as ever at the age of 44!We wish her a Happy Birthday on the 17th of this month and take a moment to remember one of our finest collabs with the supermodel for the Danelian campaign!


burning man fashion


Black Rock desert, Nevada.

Burning Man Festival. A time to liberate yourself, dance, meet, express and feel. An unforegettable experience paired with the classic timeless Danelian Evil Eye bracelet.
We all have our spirituality!

Diamond legend!


Chairman of the Rapaport Group and founder of the Rapaport Diamond Report, Martin Rapaport is a legend among the unique world of diamonds.
We are so glad we got to meet after such a long time, in Manhattanat the Jacob Javitz Centre.


mix it right

September is the month of french movies, poems, black and white images and simplicity.
There is nothing more charming then styling up your diamond pieces
like we do when we layer our outfit…


Danelian Diamond Club rings _ 18K gold with round black and white diamonds of various combination.


queen attitude.


Born and raised in Paris.
Expelled from school three times.

He used to sketch shoes since the age of 15.
At that age, he ran away from home for a year!
He has designed shoes for Chanel znd Yves Saint Lauren.
Christian Louboutin finally opens his own design house in 1991.
His brand has been declared the most prestigious woman’s shoes.
Here, our favourite styletos matched with our favourite Danelian triple bracelet.


Yeprem queen rihanna

@BadGalRiri did it again at the MTV VMA 2016 Awards.
She smashed it with her last on-stage outfit.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.44.52 PM

Matching an haute couture ballgown designed by Alexander Vauthier,
with our fav Yeprem snake-ish earrings.


Find an exclusive selection of Yeprem jewels at Danelian Diamond Club.


northern lights

Northern lights. Aurora Borealis to others. One of the most spectacular sky this world has to offer. Full of color, the sky in the northern hemisphere turns into a beautiful performance.

Northern inspo

This is a wedding ring, inspired by the Northern Lights.


One of the most romantic customized pieces we ever made!




Summer is about color. Diamonds and sapphires know how to do color!
Match up our new Danelian rainbow bracelet with a splashy summer dress.
This one is from Greek designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades.

Bracelet : 18K pink gold with white brilliant diamonds and squared rainbow sapphires!


green light


Such an easy-wear piece, this Japan inspired pendant from our
Danelian new collection is a Summer hit.
Made of a central engraved Emerald stone and numerous
black and white diamond beads around its tassel.


mykonos style

So this is how the recipe for an Uber-sylish mix, goes..
First, you get mummy-friend-model-fashion-school-owner Vicky Kaya to sport our shiny fav tear shaped diamond earrings.

Then, we travel to Mykonos for the wedding of the season of Ana Beatriz Barros and Kareem El Chiati, dressed in Mi-Ro magic next to stylish hubby, Ilias Krassas, owner of FRESH luxurious pastry shops!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.29.12 PM


ruby king of passion

The glorious Ruby…the birthstone of July, is considered to be the most passionate gem.
This stone reflects the modern and mystical side of the world.
From pink to deep red, rubies are said to attract good luck.  They symbolize love and passion….

Earrings: These new Danelian babies are made of white round brilliand diamonds and pear shaped rubies, embelished in 18K white gold.


paint that carat!

This is the Lucia, the pear cut diamond made of oil on canvas
by talented artist Angie Crabtree.


We love how this girl masters the art of diamond shaping
her paintings with such detail.


Angie has based her art on diamond facets, enlarging them by 1000. The Californian artist has been mezmerised by the gem since the age of 4,
when she first started drawing them.




christos danelian

What a dinner!

Back in the days, when Danelian Diamond Club president and founder, Christos Danelian, organized a business get-together with the De Beers foundation and Greek jewelers to talk and introduce important elements about the quality of diamonds.
This photo was taken in 1988!
…Needless to say we are very proud of our dad!



crafting uniqueness


First we model our gem into its future shape…


Then we gift wrap it for a very special occasion!


This is a new Danelian creation and it is very dear to us, crafted from a 7 carat round brilliant diamond and surrounded be three rows of splendid black diamonds..
Sea urchin collection customized for a special friend.
“It is is great when your customers trust you and give you the freedom to create for them something edgy and unique!” Danelian Designer and Creative Director Myrto Danelian


mad music awards dazzle

That time of the year… The MAD video music Awards 2016!
An amazing red carpet event followed by some incredible outfits like this one from our girl Katerina Stikoudi, wearing Danelian Diamond Club.


The famous most stylish singer dazzled the crowd with a nude dress by Vrettos Vrettakos and several pieces from our collection. Rock, goth dazzle, we love.


Styling by talented Michalis Tsoukas.


There is more!

Winner of the night was singer Despina Vandi, she wore a dark set of brown diamond bracelets and earrings. I guess we bring good luck!


Close up look of her style pieces:



deep blue

My eyes are an ocean to which my dreams are reflected…


New set of earrings made of opalite and surronded by white brilliant diamonds
and 18K white gold.
Incredibly matched with the Greek Summer and its light!


mykonos rock

Summer is here and our Souvernir collection is ready for you `
at the most stylish boutique in Mykonos.
…Where the Summer begins.
A set of earrings from the Souvenir collection isnpired by the Greek element.



Vicky Kaya!

She is the queen of shine!

Model turned enterpreneur, Greek beauty and friend Vicky Kaya wore a dazzling pair of Danelian Diamond Club Emeralds to the 20 years gala of the Make A Wish Foundation at Zappeion Megaron.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.34.48 PM

Her fantastic Grecian look was acompanied by a dress by designer Stelios Koudounaris…
It’s a match.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.43.58 PM


golf tournament with style!

Who says we only make diamonds?
We make the cutest golf outfits too..

We are proud to annouce our Thena Maris sponsoship of the golf tournament that took place during Posidonia, the world’s most prestigious maritime event. Our athletes, Mr. Vardis, Mr. Kritikos and Mr. Papadopoulos, won the second place!


29 teams from all over the world competed.
The prize was announced to our lucky team by Mr. Nicholas Martinos.




ariel sparkles!

When it’s time to plunge under the sea,
it can only mean that Summer is here.
Our girl Ariel stopped by for a fitting
with her exquisite solitaire pendant.


Danelian Diamond Club 5K oval diamond with round brilliant diamond chain.


princess tatiana

Beautiful Tatiana!
Royal stylish girl, designer, our creative friend Tatiana Blatnik was seen wearing our two-piece Danelian Wing earrings.


She looks absolutely lovely!
At the Gagosian Gallery with husband Prince Nicholas of Greece and architect  and designer jean Nouvel.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 1.18.13 PM

your face sounds familiar!


TV star Maria Bekatorou styled in Danelian Diamond pieces for her Your Face Sounds Familiar show.


Her white dress is a creation of Greek designer Konstantinos Melis By Laskos. The unique styling was curated by stylist Christos Alexandropoulos.


This match made in heaven is an 18K gold with brown brilliant diamonds!



The feeling of a long Summer silk dress is as dreamy as timeless jewelry.


We paired some of our finest earrings with a selection of Laleh Fayaz 2016 resort collection.


Ideal if you wish to attend this seasons weddings in style!


Laleh Fayaz is the queen of print on silk.
A selection of her collection is being featured at the British Museum.



cross my heart!


That time of the year…


…where so many young little angels get baptized!


Enjoy our special diamond crosses and book an appointment to see the full collection!




All clothes by http://www.lolthebrand.com/.


ideas for your dream wedding

One of the most creative things in life is curating your wedding day…


From flowers, to wedding dress, to the groom tuxedo, it is such a harmonious detailed inspiration…


Thank you Anna Roussos and Jacobo Panchon for the lovely photos and set up with our Wedding Danelian Diamond Club collection of gems!


Wedding dress by talented Katia Delatola.




Lesedi La rona

The Lesedi La Rona is a gem miracle and probably of of the greatest finds of the century!
This 1109 carat clean stone is what we call the absolute diamond in the rough. Actioned at Sotheby’s as a stand alone on the 29th of June, it will be likely to acquire up to a $70 million to say the least.
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.18.32 PM

Discovered last year, Lesedi La Rona means ‘Our Light’ and indeed bright it will shine…


into the deep green

The word Emerald comes from the Greek ‘Smaragdos’.
It is a fascinating gem, as it has a captivating and intense green color. 


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.29.31 PM

 Combined with white round brilliant diamonds and a rare brown shade of gold
they turn into unforgettable jewelry pieces.
Danelian Rock Deco collection.


Princess ann inspiration

Roman Holiday is a great classic and Audrey Hepburn’s first starring role for which she won an Oscar as Princess Ann. Hepburn’s costumes were designed by Edith Head who won the black and white costume Oscar for her efforts.


Just remember, nothing will ever give as much shine to your style as the way you wear them..


customize it!


Nothing makes us happier then to customize
unique jewelry pieces made with love and diamonds..
Whether this is a New Year charm or a special collaboration like a Coca Cola diamond cap!


Your initials for your wedding day on cufflinks and pendants, or a special christening can turn an occasion into a curated surprise.
Dare it!


Sold! for £22.5 million!

The fabulous gem, the De Beers Millenium blue diamond sells for a £22.5 million at the Sotheby’s auction that took place in Hong Kong this month. This sets a carat record for the Asian market!

de beers millenium jewel 4
This 10.10 carat beauty is a fancy vivid blue diamond that was first displayed in London’s Millenium Dome to celebrate the year 2000.
Until today, it remains the largest of its kind. What a beauty!

stikoudi strikes back

She does have a Rihanna flair.
It’s all about singer Katerina Stikoudi wearing a total denim MI-RO outfit with a dazzle mix of Danelian Diamond Club bracelets, earrings and
Yeprem hand-piece.

stikoudi danelian

The setting, downtown Athens. Greek designer duo MI-RO catwalk was the event of the day and Katerina made it as usually into the stylish spotlight.

danelian stikoudi 2

stikudi danelian


endometriosis march greece

We are so proud and honored to have participated in the EndoMarch 2016 campaign to help raise awarness on endometriosis.


Marina Vernikou, Photographer


Mari Kyriakou, TV presenter, philanthropist.


Melissa Vardinogiannis, Horse riding athlete.


Elli Stay, News broadcaster.

diamond club danelian

Irini, Myrto and Barbara Danelian, Danelian Diamond Club.

Find out more on how to help at http://www.endomarch.gr/


Salvador dali’s bejeweled art

danelian diamond daliMae West’s smile

“My objective is to show the jeweler’s art in true perspective, where the design and craftsmanship are to be valued above the material worth of the gems, as in Renaissance times.”

danelian dali 2

Salvador Dali was a master at his art. This is why we are always very intrigued by how he embrassed his design of this jewelry collection, in his own unique way. He is an ispiration!

danelian dali 5Eye of Time watch

While he had a team that helped him create the jewels in the 1940′s, he personally picked the stones and shape. influencing the work of many designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli.

We love!

maria menounos got engaged!

Our dear friend, Hollywood star Maria Menounos just got engaged to her long life partner Keven Undergaro. Let’s take a moment and remember where it all started from! Here is the Vine the actress uploaded when she first visited our office three years ago…

That was the first hint Maria gave Keven regarding her solitaire ring…


Rings: Danelian Diamond Club Single and double halo white round brilliant diamonds, 18K pink and white gold.


a whole lotta woman!

We celebrate Woman’s Day
with a special feature on the woman
who knew how to wear carats with style, Elizabeth Taylor.


The American Film Institute named her the seventh Greatest Female Screen Legend 1999.
She had a sixty two year career in Hollywood, she has won over 37 awards including two Oscars and several nominations.

ELIZABETH TAYLOR WITH DIAMOND GIVEN BY RICHARD BURTON 1974. VARIHer famous pear shaped diamond necklace was given to her by her husband Richard Burton.
Elizabeth and Richard married in 1964, they starred in 11 movies together.


The 33 carat diamond ring was also a gift from Richard. The actor gave her the ring on May 16 1968. It became the most iconic of her jewels, she wore it everyday.
It’s cost is estimated at 3 million dollars.


Lucky March!

Welcome March! Welcome Spring!
It’s that time of the year we wear our lucky red March charm.
What better then to style it with three of our favourite Danelian Ruby bracelets.



Masters of Design at Sotheby’s

An ode to the greatest designs of jewelry and garments is taking place in London, by Sotheby’s. Curated by William B.Blaney, this exhibition includes fabulous historic pieces by Mugler, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent along side unique jewels form the 1890s to the 1960s.


The exhibition will be on until the 8th of  March and will host some of the greatest most refined works.


Bolin Tiaras 1900′s


Designs for mythic neckpieces made with diamonds and rubies, 1900′s.



It doesn’t get more red carpet then the Oscars night! So we enjoyed choosing our
favourite outfits for the evening this Sunday!
Cate Blanchett in custome Armani Prive looks perfect for our
feather shaped 18K white brilliant diamond pendants.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.47.40 PM

Red sensation Charlize Theron wore a deep v custom Dior, for that, she deserves a lot of sparkle.
We style this beauty with our bird shaped two-piece earrings, a unique cross and an emerald cut double halo ring.

oscars charlize danelian

Blonde hair, golden Tom Ford dress and diamond hoops is pretty much the definition of sexy.
Our Danelian Diamond Club hoops would look amazing in Margot Robbie’s outfit.

danelian oscar 2

One of the most chic ensembles for the night, Olivia Munn wore a strikking orange Stella Mc Cartney gown. This would look perfect with a statement Danelian bracelet.



the lulo diamond!

it happened just a few days ago. The biggest diamond was discovered in Angola. 404.2 carats!

lulo danelian

The Lulo, found by an Australian, is the forth over 100 carat diamond ever to exist.
It will have to be cut and shaped before it can be sold to collectors.
What a marvelous thing one can create with a precious gem like that!
Estimated at over 20$ million.


creaid is back!


This year’s project for CREAID is inspired by light and designed by Myrto Danelian!
CREAID is an NGO created by talented photographer and entrepreneur, Marina Vernikos, aiming to raise funds and awareness to important matters!



Monolith represents the uniqueness of each and every human being, in the same way as 
every precious diamond gem discovered on Earth.  
If our personal evolution is defined by our experiences, so each facet contributes to the diamond’s magic shine. 
To be auctioned in April 2016. All funds will be used to create a playground for the Athens General Children’s Hospital.

#DesignerLights #Creaid

Romeo and juliet premiere!

b_22902_or_bhma (1)

Romeo and Juliet!

danelian rigos

Classic beauty Maria Skoula will be wearing some of our vintage collection for the much anticipated Romeo and Juliet play to be premiering on the 19th of February.
Director Konstantinos Rigos has done it again, twisting a classic in his own trademark style.


Costume curator, George Segredakis has made a lovely work giving
a unique touch into every characters’ outfit!


Romeo and Juliet, Municipal Theatre of Pireus.


beyonce yeprem bling

And just before last night’s stunning Super Bowl performance, queen Beyonce released what is yet to be her most lyric-powerful and fashion statement video ever, ‘Formation’. Directed by the singer’s close friend, Greek origins director Melina Matsoukas, in one of ‘Formation’ central scenes, Beyonce rocks our beloved Yeprem hand-pieces! They are styled with a stunning Fendi white fur and dazzle just like they are supposed to!


beyonce danelian
Danelian Diamond Club is the official exclusive distributor of Yeprem jewelry.


mariah carey new love bling!

“Dreamlover” teenage icon Mariah Carey, got engaged to her darling Australian lover, businessman James Packer. And the rock is pretty big and stunning! The 10million Emerald cut was given to lady M beginning of January after dating her for less then a year. The 35 carat gem is ‘so heavy it’s diffucult to lift my arm!’ says the happy star singer, now ready for her second marriage.

We wish you all the best!

wedding bells!

Nothing makes us more proud then the sight of happy brides in their sparkling wedding dresses showing their eternal rocks!

Wedding Danelian diamond

Thank you for sharing your Danelian diamond moments!


Ring : A Danelian Diamond Club Emerald cut dream surrounded by a halo and three white round brilliant bands.


TV shootings with vicky kaya

The setting took place in the terrace of Hilton Athens.
We spent a day with model, mommy & entrepreneur Vicky Kaya, shooting a celebrational TV show for ANT1 dedicated to the 40 years of beauty pageants in Greece.
The combination of stunning MI-RO gowns and high-heels collection that made a lovely match with some of our Danelian Diamond Club unique pieces…




…and the perfect model, was all it took….


…for the dazzling outcome.

danelian kaya diamonds

Always an amazing pleasure working with Vicky Kaya.


She is such a power-woman!

danelian miro

#BackstageTeam :
Cecil Inglesi Stylist, Vicky Kaya, Veroniki Haritatou DDiary Editor/Photographer, Mary Fakinou Hair&Make-up



You know what’s even better then jewelry?
The friends who wear it! We picked this seasons favourite insta-moments!

Apoella boutique

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.51.37 PM

Darling Kokkoris Optics sporting the New Year charm with a pair of Paul&Joe

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.52.53 PM

And jewelry designer Antonia Karra, choosing her New Year charm pick. Message received ladies…
this will be a fantastic year!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.54.08 PM


al thani collection at the v&a

What a glorious collection is being exhibited at London’s Victoria an Albert Museum.
It is the dazzling Indian Al Thani jewellry collection.
The collection includes unique precious stones, diamond pieces and jades made for Mughal emperors.


A shiny and feathery turban Maharaja ornament.


A 15 carat stunning neck piece, with brilliant cut diamonds and a single emerald dates back to the 1850.


Male royals often wore bejeweld head pieces. This sarpesh turban dates back to the 18oo and is made of gold and diamonds.



What an inspiration! This year’s Golden Globes, a part from marking some cinematic history, really made a impression on the red carpet. We noticed how many Hollywood stars chose to wear a statement necklace as their key style outfit element. We couldn’t agree more… So we chose our three favourites…


Olivia Wilde made a bold appearance matching all things burgundy, even the make-up.
We like the Micheal Kors gown and match it with our blue Sapphire neck piece!


J-Lo forerver. That face has a natural talent in looking glam.
That is why a total yellow Giambattista Valli outfit cannot be worn by all.
What better choice then a strong statement tie-like diamond piece,
to inspire even more confidence… We style it up with our unique Danelian neck piece.


This year’s winner, the freshest, funniest, girl next door of Hollywood, Jennifer Laurence.
She wins best actress for her movie “JOY”.
Two things, a girl can never go wrong with a shocking red Dior couture and a total white diamond sculpture!
Our Danelian Diamond Club choice would have definetely been this unique piece.



happy bday kate

9th of January and it’s the Dutchess of Cambridge birthday!
One of the most stylish royal presence of our time, Kate Middleton,
wife of Prince William and mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, turns 33 today.

kate danelian

When William proposed to Kate, he gave her the same ring that his parents,
Princess Diana and Prince Charles had chosen for their engagement.
14 solitaire diamonds surrounding an oval sapphire set in 18K white gold.




Danelian Diamond Club, 18K white gold with white brilliand diamonds and a dreamy Sapphire.


danelian at gstaad

Such an honor to have been a part of THE BIG POP UP event this Christmas, at the Gstaad Palace! Being among all the Greek talented designers, curated by Douglas Little window curator at Bergdorf Goodman and organized by the Laskaris Foundation. The elite in Greek fashion and design participated in this splendid setting. Of course our SOUVENIR and ROCK DECO collection had to travel to the snowy dreamy mountains of Gstaad.


We are so happy to have been a part of this event!


The Danelian Rock Deco collection in a fine dinning setting…

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.22.43 PM

The marvelous work of Douglas Little, made it all look like a dazzling surreal exclusive dinner!

_MG_1195 copy

Even the Souvenir Collection depicting Greek Summer made it’s debut in snowy Gstaad!


happy new year

May you have a splendid New Year with all the love and care in it! This is one of the many customized wish-cards that out friend and artist Katerina Vagia created for each of our clients, in our annual Winter Xmas event!



ho ho ho


Look under the Xmas tree… You might discover this year’s absolute one piece.
Our sugar loaf cut emerald ring has been made with love and an art deco baguette setting…



yeprem’s exotic birds


Our lebanese addiction, deginer Yeprem, has long been one of our favourite choices at Danelian Diamond Club. Hosting exclusively the collection of the brand, Yeprem is a master at handcrafted neck, crown and hand pieces. Worn by celebs like Madonna, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, he has starlight written all over every unique gem is designed.


Find Yeprem exclusively at Danelian Diamond Club.