We would love to if you just pressed play and enjoy our amazing radiant cut new unique diamond!



We went to the Met Gala!

Oh this year’s Met Gala was so much more than what expected!
Themed from the barock ‘style’ of the catholic church, the red carped was full of velvet, crosses and diamonds!
The Gala was curated by Donatella versace so as expected the outfits were spectacular!

Our favourite entry was the stunning Greek lady Kalliroy Danalis ,
our friend and Danelian Diamond Club exquisite clientele.

Her stunning gown was personally designed by Donatella.


We love our collabs!

So this beauty, the famous 90’s mega super model Helena Christensen was the face of our campaign some years ago.


And we just found this memorabilia story about our photoshoot in our archive from Hello Magazine
and thought it would be really cool to share it with you all!

Legs for days, wearing Danelian Diamond Club from head to toe, Helena was our perfect cover girl for that year!
Irini, Barbara and Myrto, we were all there working with her for what is until today one of our most
fabulous Danelian campaigns!


my personalized D diamond

This trend is here to stay!
More and more, our clientele is very fond of custom made personalised diamond pieces.
And we love it! It honors our passion for unique pieces and taking care of every one of you specially.

Drop by for a fitting, choose your shape, give us your name <3
We’ll turn it into a art ;)


it’s baptism time!

It is that time of the year!
Our small angels are getting baptised.
Boys and girls deserve a celebration of them landing here among us.

..And what better than a classic diamond cross that will last him a lifetime.