Marilyn Monroe’s Diamond Necklace

The 24 carat ‘Moon of Baroda’ diamond Necklace first appeared in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Marilyn Monroe wore the necklace in the 1953 film and now through Christie’s auction block in Hong Kong it it being sold.

The necklace is now expected to sell for between $5 and $7 million.

Oh Marilyn, we agree. Diamonds are a girls best friend, especially this one.


30 Years Hello Mag

Celebration calls for diamonds!
Celebrating Hello Magazine’s 30 years, here are 13 reasons why women love diamonds.
Here are some of our favorites:
#reason1 : Diamonds are timeless and can be passed on from generation to generation.
#reason2 : Each diamond is unique and holds a story behind it.

Thank you Hello Magazine.
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